OBS Lua SuperMediaSlideShow 1.7

A lua script that drives the OBS Image and or Media source to deliver a well featured Multi-Media Slide Show like presentation. Media files are loaded from folders on your system and there is little limit to their number (thousands should be no problem).

  • Shows Images - The simple most obvious core of a slide-show. Any of the image types supported by the OBS Image source can be used and an Image view duration time is user selected.​
  • Plays Videos - Just like showing pictures, Videos play for the duration of the Video. Any of the types supported by the OBS Media source can be specified.​
  • Managed Background Audio. A Background Audio source volume can be faded by percent while Videos are shown. Volume is transitioned back to normal when Video(s) complete.​
  • Near unlimited Media files possible. Media files are loaded between source deactivation's / activation's. Original design intent was to support thousands.​
  • Multi-Scene work-flow like capabilities. Each Media File Collection entry is associated with a Scene and each one can optionally define a Next-Scene. This enables chaining shows across scenes with near unlimited number of scenes.​
  • Co-exists with OBS configured Show/Hide transitions. Image/slide duration takes into consideration Image source show/hide transition times.​
  • Optionally shows each full/partial file specification in a Text source during a show.​
  • Capable of Recording Start/Stop automatically. This feature also acts to Fade an optional Background Audio source in at recording start and fade out at recording stop. Make family home photo/video movies and more.​
  • Capable of allowing files to be searched for using Relative File specifications along with a Base Folder Path setting that enables improved portability of show configuration settings and Media.​
  • New in V1.7.0, Scene Flags settings allow flexible Image view times, Audio Fade times and percentages, Hide Media File Paths (text source), Randomize slides etc.​
All this and more. This script was developed for Linux and tested on Windows. Aside from platform specifics, it works identically on either. MacOS is expected to just work.
Keith Schneider
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Latest updates

  1. 1.7.2 - Remove empty modcallback calls

    Remove stale/empty modcallback functions in script_properties that caused infinite modcallbacks...
  2. v1.7.1 FIx Settings Overrides that sometimes did not reset proper across Scenes/Shows

    This affected the visibility of the Text source sometimes not showing across scenes. Updated...