Question / Help Slide show and strange behavior


(text translated with an automatic translator, sorry)

Until today, I had version 21.0 and I did not encounter any limitation with slideshow, whatever the name of the file in my folder. But today I downloaded version 25.0.8 and I only have a few images of my folder scrolling through the slideshow ! I do not understand the order in which it displays. I tried to rename my files 001, 002, 003 etc (and I have too many files to rename) but it does not work, I only have 10 images from my folder which scroll in the slide show and Image files that start with a letter are not displayed. I understand nothing ! Do I have to go back to version 21 for it to work normally ? Or it's a bug ?

Please need some help

So, for information, I uninstalled the V25 to go back to the V21 and there it works again (all images in the folder are displayed in the slideshow)