frame loss

  1. G

    Stream Crashing after 12 Minutes Sharp!

    Hello everyone! I'm struggling with this problem since 4 days ago. every 12 minutes OBS OBS interrupt the live stream and then it will re-start. Any suggestion? I tried to Change server. IP Address. Bit rate. resolution and so one. Here is my most recent log . Thanks for everyone who will help me.
  2. D

    Question/Help My Replay buffer/render works weird

    So when i try to clip replay buffer it sometimes works perfectly but most of the times my clip is ruined because video is just like 1 frame for 10 seconds(audio is fine). My settings: My specs: 1660 Super, i-5 10400F, 16gb Ram I always...
  3. B

    I've a good CPU and i've frame loss while recording

    When I try to record the video game "Destiny 2" I have frames missed due to rendering lag. I don't stream, just record. The thing is that OBS only uses like 10% at max during the recording and my cpu it's at 30% at max so i don't understand why it doesn't use more of my cpu. I've tried running...
  4. X

    Recommended settings for Recording?

    A while age I recorded a Doom Eternal Gameplay and it was just fine but lately I have a lot of frame issues with some games like Doom Eternal, Apex Legends and more like that and I want to fix that. So my specs are RX 560 4GB, 16GB ram and a Ryzen 5 2400G. What settings do you recommend me?
  5. B

    My footage is choppy even though OBS isn't reporting any substantial frame dips?

    Hello, any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated as I have been bashing my head against the keyboard for hours now. I'm new to OBS and I am happy with the quality of the footage so far except for the framerate, which is choppy inside of OBS' preview and in the final recording, even...
  6. B

    Question / Help I cant Livestream Steam games???

    Im having this weird problem,I dont have the best computer,he is kinda of old(Intel I3 from 2013,i think,and 4 gb of ram,intel graphics 4000),and not the best internet conection(10 mb download,1mb upload), but i can livestream decently a few games,most of them are on...
  7. R

    Question / Help Live Gig Stream frames shake

    Hi friends. Im start make streams with Luve Gigs in Facebook. And i can not find solution to my problem. Problem is a frame flutter. I see it in OBS ans in facebook stream. Here link to the stream: I use hackintosh i7, 16 gbram Gtx 740 Capture devise Blackmagic web presenter Blackmagic...
  8. Z

    Question / Help Weird frame drop and skipping

    I know this may be asked a trillion times, i did my share of going through the checklist to see if its my internet/hardware/server issue but i wasn't able to find anything wrong. My issue is, out of no where im dropping frames and i can see the bitrate fluctuate from 6000 kbps to 7050 to 1000...
  9. microbox6

    Question / Help OBS losing frames because is not using all the bandwith

    Hello everyone, thanks for read me. I want to share a problem I just realize I had over year and a half with OBS Studio 23.2.1 and behind... With the last and current version of OBS Studio, I can't surpass the 2000 Kbps of bitrate without drastically losing frames. But here's the thing, it only...
  10. D

    Question / Help Two different GPU PC lagging obs on 99%

    Hello all! My PC config: Motherboard: OG-STRIX-X299-E-GAMING Ram: 64 giga DDR4 hyperx CPU: Intel 7820X GPU0: EVGA 1060 GTX SSC GPU1: MSI 1050 TI Monitors: 3 Settings monitors: First monitor connected to 1060 (GPU0) Second and third monitors connected to 1050 (GPU1) My problem: If i playing...
  11. C

    Question / Help FIXED! Great fps in game... not in obs

    I tried using both the OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS and both the same problem. I have tried to switch encoding, lowering bitrate, lowering resolution even for the base resolution. I tried changed processing priority too and no fix so far. I get perfect performance in game but on my obs it...
  12. K

    Bug Report Dropping Frames in playback

    Hello, So i've been using obs for a while on a few computers and ever since version 20 i've not been able to use it thinking maybe i needed a new gpu as it was the oldest part, well i upgraded and the problem still persists. SPECS: Intel i7 6850k Asus ROG rampage 5 extreme x99 rtx 2080 16gb...
  13. phantomalpha

    Question / Help frame drops

    when I'm recording cs or any other games obs is fine framewise but when I'm recording rainbow six it turns into an animation stop motion the CPU does not reach the peek and if it did I did the same with GPU and the same thing happened (both of them didn't reach peek) and I have a decent setup...
  14. M

    Question / Help Small issue that got worst during last stream...

    I used to have slight framedrops when doing scenes transitions. Mostly 4 or 5 frames for 4 seconds aprox. Today when streaming i had an encoder overload message at the bottom left of the obs window... So i stopped the stream. i'll include my last log file in hope that somebody can help ...