Bug Report Dropping Frames in playback


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So i've been using obs for a while on a few computers and ever since version 20 i've not been able to use it thinking maybe i needed a new gpu as it was the oldest part, well i upgraded and the problem still persists.


Intel i7 6850k
Asus ROG rampage 5 extreme x99
rtx 2080
16gb corsair dominator
SSD 480gb boot drive
hybrid 2tb storage drive
Asus ROG swift 1440p 144mhz g-sync monitor

Games ive been trying to record:
Rainbow 6 Siege
Escape from Tarkov

as you can see by my system it really shouldn't be struggling and in the past i've used high bit rates and made some nice video thanks to OBS so id like to get back to that.



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