Question / Help Small issue that got worst during last stream...


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I used to have slight framedrops when doing scenes transitions. Mostly 4 or 5 frames for 4 seconds aprox.
Today when streaming i had an encoder overload message at the bottom left of the obs window...
So i stopped the stream.
i'll include my last log file in hope that somebody can help ...

Also, my main monitor runs @1440x900P and my base canvas is 1920x1080P. Could that be of cause to the problem?

Pc Parts: (i know it's not that powerful but i used to stream without any issue with this rig.)

CPU : AMD FX-8350 @4Ghz Black Edition
GPU : MSI GeForce GT 730 4GB
RAM : G.SKILL Value 32GB DDR3-1600Mhz (4x8GB)
CPU COOLER : Corsair H55 Liquid Cooler
HDD : WD Blue 1TB - 7200Rpm
PSU : EVGA 450 BR, 80+ BRONZE 450W
CASE : ROSEWILL - SRM-01 Micro ATX Tower


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