How to route game audio into Discord when using OBS as a webcam?


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I am currently using headphones with a modmic through a soundcard and speakers through on board audio to keep my discord and gameplay audio separate.

I'll try to keep this relatively short, but considering the issue I am facing I don't know if that is possible. I have been trying to fix up OBS to use it as a webcam for Discord so that I can share my video in such a way to look like a Twitch stream with overlays and the whole shebang. Screen sharing in Discord only shows gameplay, but I want to add more than that. I installed the OBS virtualcam plugin so that I can use my OBS screen as a webcam, however I then run into an audio problem. I don't have any. I downloaded Voicemeeter, and after watching tutorials of it online I thought I had it made. I tinkered with different possibilities and ways to organize my inputs and outputs in the program, but I am not sure if my gameplay audio is being fed into Discord... or rather if the audio is significant enough to get Discord's attention. I will include below a picture of one way I set it up in hopes that it would work. For those familiar with Voicemeeter I will explain what I did.

Mic (hardware input 1)
Speakers (A1)
Headphones (A2)
Discord input was set to Voicemeeter AUX output (I think B2)
Discord output was set to headphones (A2)
Disregard the fact I lowered the desktop volume. I was just experimenting with volume levels at the time I took the snapshot.
My reasoning was to mix my mic audio and my desktop audio in with the AUX (B2) which in turn is transferred to Discord's input. So in theory others should hear my computer audio and my mic in Discord, right? I would have just put the Discord input as Voicemeeter VAIO, but I don't think I saw that option, so I went with the AUX. The thing is though I'm not really convinced that Discord is picking up my desktop/gameplay audio. It does pick up my mic for sure though. If there is a better way to do this, that would be great.