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Hi, First of all thanks in advance to everyone.. As you can read in the title, i need the best settings for my pc, on recording only, but of course if you had any recommendation for streaming settings, then be my guest.
So my PC Spec is:
Core i5-3570
GTX 750 Ti
Taffware BM 800 Microphone (cheap one)

Settings that i use right now is
48 FPS

Video bitrate 3000 kbps
NVENC Enconcer
192 Audio bitrate
also using
High quality, medium size and using mp4 format

Currently it runs perfectly fine. no lag (except in the first video that i try just a little bit at the beginning). it record about 50 minutes in average (maybe) and 7 gb in size average (also maybe. Math) in total of 3 videos that i had try. In my eyes there is nothing wrong except it is a 720. but im the type of guy that satisfied with low quality because been feeling it for all my life. but others is not, cuz of course you want hd. i don't necessarily need hd, but if it could then why not. i post the video on youtube, it looks fine to me, but my brother said the quality looks average at best, and not hd (obviously, duh). so if my pc can't hold it back than its fine, if it can be improved than i welcome suggestion. i just wants the best for my video and my pc thats all. and needed a suggestion from the pro here in this forum.
Anyway... again, thanks in advance