1. Krusty4President

    Backup user settings + profiles + all scene collections as a zip file

    We need a backup solution either built in or as a plugin where all user settings can be neatly backed up in a nice folder structure as a compressed archive such as zip or rar. Would be great.
  2. Krusty4President

    Keyboard shortcut to "Advanced Audio properties"

    A simple suggestion as the title says
  3. mediacoordinator

    Multiview as a dock

    Being able to use Multiview a dock would be amazing! Basically make it so whenever you dock Multiview it get's rid of preview and program and uses the studio mode Preview and Program windows instead. Or just the default non-studio mode window.
  4. M

    The "Delay from inappropriate content" function

    Hello OBS Project ! OBS Studio needs a function to hide the screen and mute the sound from inappropriate content on Twitch broadcasts, etc. How is it supposed to work? - For example, the delay is set to 5 seconds, “18+ content” appears on the desktop, and the streamer has 5 seconds to press...
  5. Sebstrr

    Source positions guides? (like in Streamlabs OBS)

    Hi fellow streamers. So i'm trying to switch to OBS Studio for streaming, since Streamlabs is acting pretty scummy to me atm. For that, i'm trying to set up all my sources the same way i had it in Streamlabs, but without the same kind of position guides for my sources i find it pretty hard. So...
  6. Ryzen_Inu

    Add "Start Virtual Camera" to taskbar icon on Right-Click

    It would be cool to quickly enable/disable the Virtual Camera like we can Stream/Record on this taskbar right-click menu.
  7. Psebcool

    Ability to create sub-folders among sources

    For better sources management, like this : Thanks !
  8. T

    Idea: Sound notification for chat

    I currently use Chatty to play a "ding" sound whenever someone says something in chat, with a cooldown for 15 minutes. This is helpful as a small streamer so I can interact with my generally quiet chat! However Chatty doesn't allow for uploading a custom noise, and the "ding" gets annoying after...
  9. sospwa

    OBS Xbox game bar widget

    I just discovered that xbox game bar supports 3rd party widgets and I thought that a widget that could work in tangent with the OBS app could be great, for displaying chat or other things on top of the game or whatever I am streaming.
  10. D

    Multiple Video Tracks

    I am sure many people have asked but I couldn't find where they did, however my thought is that if OBS can have a way to record specific layers like it does with audio? I am not a developer and don't know how it would work or if it even would, but being able to stream with a webcam and...
  11. F

    Auto-detect game capture in OBS/OBS.Live

    Hi, I'm wanting to suggest that OBS/OBS.Live get the "Auto-detect game" feature like SLOBS has added earlier this year. Currently if you like to play multiple games, you either have to Make a scene for each of the games you play OR You have to manually change the game you're playing by right...
  12. F

    Insert marker in recordings

    When I mess up in a recording I keep recording and do something like put my hand in front of the camera and/or clap my hands several times so I can find the cut point in editing. It would be great if I could press a button to insert a marker in the video and audio.
  13. D

    Help picking streaming set up

    Hi all. This is my first post so apologies if it's in the wrong place. I'm a DJ that would like to start streaming on twitch and/or youtube. I currently have a 2014 macbook pro which is fine for the dj software (rekordbox) but anything else on top is too much for it. I have a decent enough grasp...
  14. Psebcool

    Auto-Hide Source when media playback is complete

    Hi, I use some of Medias playback as overlays , but I need to manually hide them when they are complete before to reuse them. An idea to workaround it, is to add an option in the properties of the source, to "auto-hide" it when media playback is complete. Is it possible ? Thanks !
  15. Stu385

    Audio Fade With Transition

    Adding the ability to set a scenes audio to fade out with a transition would be very helpful.
  16. Psebcool

    Ability to add subgroup folders in Sources

    For better sources management, like this : Is it possible ? Thanks !
  17. V

    Record/Stream audio channels

    Good morning, I would like to suggest the option of being able to record audios on different channels. For example, I am talking with my friends in discord and I want to convey. but I don't want my voice and that of my friends to be streamed, I want only the game audio to be streamed.
  18. T

    Question / Help (Suggestion) When Out Of Space, Don't Corrupt The Footage When Recording Is Stopped

    Hope there isn't a post like this one... This happens to me a lot of times, like 20, but when I I am almost out of disk space, not only should OBS stop the recording, but also not corrupt the footage so it's unwatchable. At this time, I have 100MBs left, before being completely full, the...
  19. S

    Suggestion: include option for preview window to be still images

    As discussed in several other threads in the forums, many people have issues when using multiple monitors with different refresh rates. This is due to the fact that windows cannot deal with simultaneously displaying 3D Accelerated programs (Games, OBS preview, etc) on 2 different refresh rate...
  20. Brodacious

    Option to automatically restart replay buffer when saving a replay

    Hi, I've had to set up a macro for this, though that can be a bit buggy sometimes, and not everyone has built-in macro support on their keyboards. I was wondering if you could add in a simple option to stop the replay buffer and start it back up immediately after saving the replay. The value in...