1. benjosephjones07

    Advanced scene switcher - timed loop between sources

    Hi all, complete amateur here. I'm using a mac book pro, have just downloaded the advanced scene switcher plugin ( with the intent of automatically transitioning between video sources on a timed loop (specifically - 5 seconds displaying just a video...
  2. S

    Help for the best settings for my pc

    Hi, First of all thanks in advance to everyone.. As you can read in the title, i need the best settings for my pc, on recording only, but of course if you had any recommendation for streaming settings, then be my guest. So my PC Spec is: Core i5-3570 GTX 750 Ti 4X2GB DDR3 RAM Also Taffware BM...
  3. B

    Trying to share live desktop audio from OBS to Discord DM

    I've recently gotten OBS so do forgive me if it's rather simple problem. I'm trying to share OBS audio and screen into discord (because discord screen share is very laggy and pixelated while OBS is rather smooth and clear visually) via DM, so my friend can experience a game with me. So far I was...
  4. kxrtiswithak

    Mac OBS Setup for streaming with computer audio 2020

    Wasn't sure if this was already here, so thought I might as well add it myself. Stumbled across it and recommend it to all first time users. Check the video out here, description below:
  5. A

    help with audio needed please.

    this may sound strange or may have been asked before. i am going to start streaming but i am in my livingroom, what i would like to know is can i sort my audio to - my watchers can hear - game sounds - teamspeak (mine and people i play with) but only hear my voice when i press a button...
  6. M

    Question / Help Total Beginner Looking for Help with Basics

    Hello, Can you have text over the live stream? Thinking just in the corner or bottom to say what area the recording is of. Can there be 3 live streams shown at once? Can the screen be split into or 4 sections? Thinking 3 live streams and then a small strip of branding at the top or bottom of...
  7. I live outside the box.

    Draw area to be recorded directly on the screen with mouse/arrow keys.

    Very often, you want to use OBS to just record part of the screen. Figuring out and configuring the exact location, and especially the exact size, is a chore. Why not do it the way screenshot tools like Faststone Capture do it? User invokes function to select screen area. OBS takes screenshot...