Question / Help Help! Can't hear/monitor audio from OBS on speakers or headphones


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Hi everyone!

New to the forum.
Using OBS to run a streamed music festival next week.

I've been able to set up everything perfectly except for one very essential feature - being able to monitor audio within OBS.

I've just recently installed Audio Hijack and Loopback to route audio into OBS. However, without those installed I'm unable to hear any audio coming out of OBS on speakers / headphones.

With both of those installed and properly setup, I'm still unable to hear audio coming out of OBS on my speakers or headphones. Audio runs fine to the stream (on YouTube) and I'm able to monitor audio that way with the significant delay.

Can anyone help me get the software set up so I can properly hear what's coming out of OBS and what it's feeding into the stream?
I've approved all of the OBS prompts to use my computer, etc..

Attaching my audio settings here, but I feel like I've tried everything!


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I switched Loopback Audio to Default or Macbook Speakers and neither work..

It doesn't seem like anyone is going to answer this and I'm speaking into the void, but oh well!


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lol no one helped me but i found the fix on my own. no help from this forum or your discord :/

you need to reboot the core audio on your computer via terminal.. you can find the command.