1. N

    QUESTION on How to have audio come through OBS when using Video Capture Device.

    Hello, so my capture card is from Amazon and my capture card is the: Papeaso Video Capture Card Here is the link...
  2. X

    i can hear my headset audio throuth my mic

    when i'm for example in a vc on discord/watching some yt vid i can see that my mic is peeking my headset audio (i have headphones) idk why, i tried installing fresh audio drivers didn't help. When i'm listening to music it's only occational clicks but when someone is talking it's terrible
  3. M

    How do I get music through headphones, but not stream?

    I want to listen to Youtube music through my bluetooth headphones while I stream, but I don't want to stream it. I have a separate lavalier clip-on mic. What settings do I use to do this? Thank you.
  4. luckeypublic

    New Headphones Made Audio Sources Quieter

    Hi, I replaced my SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless with Nova Pro Wireless, and I realized that my Audio output from OBS is much quiter then before. I used to have -7.0 db gain on my game audio sources, but now I had to put it on around +5.0 db. Using my new headphones I still heared the correct...
  5. ZDMD

    No OBS Audio when using headphones on my iPad

    This sounds very confusing when I explain it. I will try my best I stream using a MacBook Pro which takes my input through my iPad Pro. Without headphones, the audio from my iPad to OBS is completely fine, as soon as I connect my AirPods to my iPad, I can hear the audio but it no longer works...
  6. J

    How to reverse R and L channels in OBS?

    Hello everyone,I have problem with my headphones and that's why i've used Equalizer to reverse L and R channels. And now I have an problem : viewers hear revesed for them sound,but I hear everything correct.And I'd like to ask you guys,how to reverse sound in obs?Mb you know it.I'll appreciate...
  7. I

    OBS Application not outputting audio

    Alright, so I'm having an issue where OBS itself is not outputting audio to my headphones. Up until yesterday I've had no issue with hearing my Audio Monitoring, and my Stinger Transitions, and any other audio that is produced FROM OBS that allows me to hear what's going on. Today, I can't hear...
  8. A

    Headset/Headphone to connect to obs live stream

    Hi may i know that how to set up wire headphone jack so that i can record audio at OBS.. i have set the audio input capture device but didnt come out any sound.
  9. O

    Нет звука в наушниках (No sound in headphones)

    Добрый день, при запуске программы в bluetooth-наушниках пропадает звук, но в микшере показывает, что звук идёт. Пыталась через настройки всё уладить: включала "по умолчанию" и выбирала конкретно эти наушники (sony wh-ch500). Результат один - звука так и нет. Один раз эта проблема разрешилась с...
  10. D

    OBS Audio Delay with Bluetooth Headphones

    Hiya, Im using Samsung Galaxy Buds on my PC to stream with and Ive noticed that there is a remarkable delay between my desktop audio and my mic. Ive tested a ton of stuff (this issue has been prevalent in my streaming since the day I started almost two years ago) including delays on every...
  11. Burna

    Stream Audio Good, Headset Audio Low

    Hi everyone! I am a mobile gaming streamer and have just figured out how to listen to game sounds through my PC...lol. Now that I have the monitor and output on, my game volume is very low. I don't want to mess with the settings because all my settings are good for streaming. I also got...
  12. M

    iPad Game audio to my headset is delayed

    So far I think i got everything working good the recordings sound good with game sound n mic. But idk how to actually hear my game in real time as I play without a sec delay. Idk where to plug my headset in to the pc or to my capture card adaptor? I only get sound when hooked into the 3.5mm on...
  13. S

    Need Help With Streaming Audios I Have No Headset/Just Basic Headphones W Mic

    Hey guys I’ve been struggling all night with this. I personally have a pair of Skullcandy headphones (wire ones- not headphones that you wear on your head but ones you stick in your ears). Anyways I have utilized “iShowU Audio Capture” with my app “Audio MIDI Setup” and at first when I followed...
  14. M

    Question / Help Help! Can't hear/monitor audio from OBS on speakers or headphones

    Hi everyone! New to the forum. Using OBS to run a streamed music festival next week. I've been able to set up everything perfectly except for one very essential feature - being able to monitor audio within OBS. I've just recently installed Audio Hijack and Loopback to route audio into OBS...
  15. aginton

    Question / Help How to record audio coming into headphones (but not pickup mic)

    I'm new to using OBS, so sorry if this is obvious, but I haven't been able to work it out so far: Suppose I'm video chatting with someone and have headphones plugged into my PC. How can I record the audio coming while not picking up anything from my mic?
  16. X

    Question / Help OBS recording my headset's 7.1 surround sound.

    Hi, been trying to get this fixed for the past hour. I've tired using Stereo Mix but my headphones are the Corsair Void Wireless and they don't seem to be compatible with it. My goal is to either prevent it from capturing the surround sound or have the game playback from another device...
  17. S

    Question / Help Hearing voice through the headset but everything is muted

    I recently started hearing my voice through my headset again, I've muted everything in OBS and on my desktop and I have no idea how I can fix the problem. In advanced audio settings, I'm set to "monitor only (mute output). I only hear my voice in OBS. When I close out of the software, I no...
  18. M

    Question / Help OBS recognizes headset, no sound picked up

    The title says it all. I am using the Razer Kraken 7.1 headset. OBS recognizes it as a device, but when I play a game or listen to anything with my headset, OBS does not pick it up. Yes, the headset is my default device. I should mention that I use Streamlabs OBS, but to my knowledge they do...
  19. A

    Question / Help OBS Desktop audio problems with 7.1 Surround Headphones (Possible Fix ?)

    First of all I would like to say that I know the cause of the problem. However what I am curious as to though if there is a different solution. Before I start explaining here is the log file: Ok so the problem is simple. Whenever I record a game with OBS and I have 7.1 surround enabled on my...