From Raspberry Pi 4 to PC via Capture Card Frame Rate Question


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Linux Mint 20.1 (64 bit OS)
TV/Monitor: 4K Monitor ( 60.00 Hz Vsync recommended setting)
device source for recording off of capture card: Raspberry Pi 4 2b (Lakka OS)

It seems that the framerate is slower than what its supposed to be. The viewer and even the recorded clip shows as if there are skipped framerates. Why is the framerate poor and how would I be able to adjust my settings? I don't do any steaming nor do I plan to, I just record. But when Im playing emulated games through Lakka OS on the RPI 4, the video feed seems to be quick as if framerates are skipped or dropped Im not sure what to make of it.

I've been using one of these types for my capture card.

I'll see if I can post a clip of it even if it is very short. The gameplay on the viewer and recording should not be that fast if it makes sense. Cant attach my longer 2.1mb mkv file. I attached a log as well.


  • obs linux log.txt
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  • OBS RPI4 Lakka clip.mkv.7z
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The Pi cannot do OpenGL 3.3. That will cause the GPU work to be done on the CPU. The Pi is not powerful enough in that case. There is a lengthy Pi thread on this forum.

Sorry.. thpught you tried to run OBS on the Pi.. not on the PC.


06:48:26 AM.161: v4l2-input: Start capture from /dev/video0
06:48:26 AM.164: v4l2-input: Input: 0
06:48:26 AM.168: v4l2-input: Resolution: 1920x1080
06:48:26 AM.168: v4l2-input: Pixelformat: YUYV
06:48:26 AM.168: v4l2-input: Linesize: 3840 Bytes
06:48:26 AM.168: v4l2-input: Framerate: 5.00 fps

You need to select one of the "emulated" formats for the V4L2 source. Else you are sending uncompressed data which is USB bandwidth limited.


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I just selected YU12 (Emulated) for it. Is that the one I should pick? I have no Idea what those are and whats the difference between them?


They are different color formats. It is how the capture card transmits data to the PC. If you now can increase the frame rate and you are happy with the result I would not worry about it too much. (or do some research about the difference if you like, but the difference should not matter too much for you I believe).