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  1. J

    Strange thing just happened with VIRTUAL CAMERA

    I haven't used OBS studio in several days, I know some updates to LINUX occurred, but suddenly the VIRTUAL CAMERA function is missing when I start up OBS STUDIO: OBS STUDIO 27.2.1 LINUX MINT 20.3 Una (Ubuntu 20.02 focal) Kernel: 5.4.0-962202022022-generic x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 9.3.0
  2. JustBeeeb

    OBS minimized after suspend, don't know how to bring it back.

    OBS automatically gets minimized after suspend and I don't know how to bring it back. Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon
  3. O

    From Raspberry Pi 4 to PC via Capture Card Frame Rate Question

    Linux Mint 20.1 (64 bit OS) DesktopPC TV/Monitor: 4K Monitor ( 60.00 Hz Vsync recommended setting) device source for recording off of capture card: Raspberry Pi 4 2b (Lakka OS) It seems that the framerate is slower than what its supposed to be. The viewer and even the recorded clip shows as...
  4. O

    OBS lag on preview and recording

    OS: Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon Cinnamon Version: 4.8.6 Linux Kernel: 5.4.0-70-lowlatency ( I was using a regular kernel before switching to a low latency kernel) Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with Radeon Vega Graphics x 4 RAM: 5.8 GBs Graphics Card: [AMD/ATI] Picasso Capture Card...

    How to use QSV/VAAPI on Linux Mint?

    Is QSV available on Linux now in obs 26.1.1? I tried and it showed this: here is vainfo here is part of obs log This computer has also win10 installed and on win10, obs supports qsv well. do i need to install something else or i need to recompiling something to support qsv on linux?
  6. R

    Dedicated Server for Several Simultaneous Live Streams

    Hello Guys. I wonder if anyone here could answer this question. I was on YouTube the other day and saw someone live streamed 10 video at the same time. I did some research and figured that this isn't possible with a traditional computer. Because you have to have instances of OBS Software...
  7. 86ul

    OBS will not launch

    Hello, Today I installed OBS on a up tot date Mint 20. After first use, I can not launch OBS any more. Even going back with TimeShift 'to yesterday' and reinstalling, it will not launch anymore. After creating with only LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 as text and running it in...
  8. A

    Question / Help For certain streams my audio is high pitched and very glitchy, but most are fine...

    I'm running a scientific seminar series, where I broadcast a Zoom meeting with a speaker to YouTube. Usually all is working great, and OBS is just wonderful. But for some of the streams, without clear reason, the audio is high pitched and glitchy. I can confirm that the issue shows up in both...
  9. aracloud

    Question / Help OBS settings for Zoom sessions

    Hi I run a Linux Mint system and I want to use OBS via Linux for interactive Video conferencing. OBS runs including a virtual cam to connect to a zoom session via video. But on the zoom participants side... they see some kind of flairs crossing the screen. So, I think the data transmitted are...
  10. D

    Question / Help xbox no in game chat coming through, need help

    I just started using OBS on my linux system, all game sounds come through no problem from my xbox except in game chat, I cannot get any game chat coming through at all, I been searching for any resolution to this but so far nothing works, (I'm sure this has been asked before and tried a few...
  11. sotrh

    Bug Report "Failed to open NVENC" trying to record in 800x450

    I've also tried 800x600. It works fine at native resolutions. I'm using nvidia-driver-435 (Version 435.21-0ubuntu0.18.04.2). I've linked the latest log file, but I'll paste the relevant lines here.
  12. L

    Question / Help [FIXED] Weird Flickering When Screen Capturing

    I'm using Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.1. Yesterday I rewatched my Twitch livestream and noticed an incredibly ugly flickering bar sweeping across my screen. It is very distracting and I would like to resolve the issue. The issue only happens whenever I...
  13. OtterGauze

    Question / Help XComposite and Source Engine Games

    (This post is a direct copy/paste of a post I made in the Linux Mint forums about a month ago that came to no avail, aside from changes to my screenfetch) This has been one of the only major problems I've encountered on my switch to Linux. Overall, everything else has gone swimmingly, and I'm...
  14. sotrh

    Bug Report Black Screen in 2019 (Version 23.1, Linux Mint 19.0, GTX 940M and GTX 1060)

    I've been looking at making some dev streams using OBS, but I haven't been having much luck. I tried on my laptop which is an Acer Aspire with a builtin GEFORCE 940M, and on my desktop which is a TS140 with a GTX 1060. Both computers run Linux Mint 19.0, have up to date Nvidia drivers (390 in...
  15. C

    Question / Help My screen recordings have scratchy black bars

    Hello, I am running OBS on Linux Mint 19 with the following specs: Intel core i7 (2018) 240GB Sandisk SSD Asus GeForce GTX 1050ti GPU 16GB RAM I would think that my system is hefty enough to allow me to take screen recordings in 1080p with no problem. However, the videos recorded have these...
  16. drpeppercan

    Question / Help How to add a yellow circle to my mouse cursor?

    You know, it's to help the viewer focusing on where the cursor is on the screen. I didn't have much luck searching this :( Thanks
  17. patomack

    Question / Help OBS NVENC Issues

    Hello all, I have been through quite a few threads on this issue and decided to reach out for some help. Problem: When trying to use nvenc in obs to record local video, I get the following error: Starting the output failed. Please check the log for details. Note: If you are using the NVENC...
  18. buckettraveler

    Question / Help Linux Mint built in mic on notebook doesn't show up on audio settings

    I swear I had this set up once. I record audio on an external device but I need a mic on my notbook to sync the audio. When I went to use it today my mic wasn't visable. I'm just using the mic input on the side of my notebook and it works find, I can open sound preferences on in Linux and it...
  19. S

    Bug Report OBS Unable to capture desktop properly

    OBS has some glitching going on when capturing the Desktop space on Linux, it'll flicker the image to whatever's behind a window, ie; Desktop's background image, instead of capturing a clean state of the entire desktop without flickering whenever things are moving around on screen either in the...
  20. L

    Question / Help NVENC Error

    Hello there! Whenever I press "Start Recording" on OBS, I'm prompted with the following message: Recording works just fine while using the x264 encoder. I'm using Linux Mint 19 Xfce and the Driver Manager application says that my drivers are up-to-date. I have the GeForce GT 1030 and my driver...