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  1. islam2222

    Using OBS to capture multiple USB camera streams connected to raspberry Pi 4.

    Hi I was wondering what is the correct way to capture multiple USB cameras streams connected to a Raspberry Pi and the raspberry is connected to the laptop using an ethernet cable. I want to stream the output of the cameras in an OBS scene.
  2. O

    From Raspberry Pi 4 to PC via Capture Card Frame Rate Question

    Linux Mint 20.1 (64 bit OS) DesktopPC TV/Monitor: 4K Monitor ( 60.00 Hz Vsync recommended setting) device source for recording off of capture card: Raspberry Pi 4 2b (Lakka OS) It seems that the framerate is slower than what its supposed to be. The viewer and even the recorded clip shows as...
  3. DeckerEgo

    OBS Python TallyOBS: Push scene changes to WiFi-enabled tally lights 1.4.0

    A network controlled tally light for cameras, intended for control directly from OBS. Rather than having the lights hit a web gateway hosted by OBS, this reaches out directly to the tally lights and controls them over HTTP. This does not use the websocket plugin and there is no need to open up...
  4. DeckerEgo

    TallyOBS: Push scene changes to WiFi-enabled tally lights

    DeckerEgo submitted a new resource: TallyPi: Push scene changes to WiFi-enabled tally lights - A tally light platform that doesn't require remote connections into your OBS instance Read more about this resource...
  5. Kamil00

    Question / Help Problem with OBS building on raspberry pi3b+

    Hello! I have a problem building OBS on raspberry pi3b +. I'm doing exactly what's in this guide: https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/obs-raspberry-pi-build-instructions.115739/#post-437594 And during build, the raspberry stutters forever. Can anything be done about it? Maybe there is some...
  6. TheMindVirus

    Question / Help OBS Raspberry Pi Build Instructions

    It is possible to build OBS Studio for Linux from source on the Raspberry Pi 3 upwards! Disclaimer: Please make sure you understand what this code does first, then you may run it at your own risk. As versions change, problems may arise. The scripts take a long time, especially on underpowered...
  7. Filip S

    Question / Help RasberryPI 4 with Ubuntu 19.10 64bit running OBS 24

    I installed the current ubuntu 19.10 64bit version from ubuntu from https://ubuntu.com/download/raspberry-pi and with the sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop after this I was following the guide for debian/ubuntu and it was compiling without any errors or bugs. it looked nice but was encoding...
  8. P

    Free Raspberry Pi Tally 1

    Raspberry Pi Tally light. Howto read https://github.com/peterfdej/OBSpiTally/blob/master/README.txt