raspberry pi

  1. Kamil00

    Question / Help Problem with OBS building on raspberry pi3b+

    Hello! I have a problem building OBS on raspberry pi3b +. I'm doing exactly what's in this guide: https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/obs-raspberry-pi-build-instructions.115739/#post-437594 And during build, the raspberry stutters forever. Can anything be done about it? Maybe there is some...
  2. TheMindVirus

    Question / Help OBS Raspberry Pi Build Instructions

    It is possible to build OBS Studio for Linux from source on the Raspberry Pi 3 upwards! Disclaimer: Please make sure you understand what this code does first, then you may run it at your own risk. As versions change, problems may arise. The scripts take a long time, especially on underpowered...
  3. Filip S

    Question / Help RasberryPI 4 with Ubuntu 19.10 64bit running OBS 24

    I installed the current ubuntu 19.10 64bit version from ubuntu from https://ubuntu.com/download/raspberry-pi and with the sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop after this I was following the guide for debian/ubuntu and it was compiling without any errors or bugs. it looked nice but was encoding...
  4. P

    Free Raspberry Pi Tally 1

    Raspberry Pi Tally light. Howto read https://github.com/peterfdej/OBSpiTally/blob/master/README.txt