Question / Help RasberryPI 4 with Ubuntu 19.10 64bit running OBS 24

Filip S

I installed the current ubuntu 19.10 64bit version from ubuntu from
and with the sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop after this I was following the guide for debian/ubuntu and
it was compiling without any errors or bugs.

it looked nice but was encoding was very slow but I don't think it does use any of the gpu power on
the rpi4 - but only tried this because I would se how it worked and and maybe it was a way to
make a NDI feed from USB3 Elgato Capture card maybe JUST using the ffmpeg.

The gpu does get very hot - I was only using it was heat zink passive cooling but here is a
stream capture of the RPI running OBS - just streaming the desktop.


I'm surprised it started tbh. I thought the Pi was only doing OpenGL ES while OBS was requiring regular OpenGL..

Anyway. You may want to give a try. It does offer an alternative OMX encoder (which I believe the Pi does have). It is not tested with the Pi yet, so expect some oversights that may require tweaking/fixing to make it work (I just don't have the hardware to test myself). It has been tested with the NVIDIA Tegra platform and it was working (although i uses a special version of the OMX encoder).

P.S. It looks like it is not the encoder that is the bottleneck. Its the frame rendering, so I guess the OpenGL is done in software so it burns the CPU.
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