1. G

    Starting automatically virtual cam by modifying the obs64.exe file in the source folder

    Hello everyone, I'm starting OBS automatically by using the software System Scheduler; this software requires as input the obs64.exe file in the source folder, not a shortcut of OBS. I know that, by typing --startvirtualcam after the last double quotes in the target box inside the properties of...
  2. FreakyMood

    H.264 is deleted after formatting and installing drivers again.

    Before I formatted my computer, I had an "H.264" video card driver encoder. But now I only have x264 CPU encoder. It didn't fix even though I downloaded all the drivers. Windows 11 Pro 64Bit Latest version of OBS Studio.
  3. B

    Question / Help OBS Standbild bei Fensteraufnahme/Spielaufnahme!

    Hallo, und zwar habe ich meinen PC vor ca. 2 Wochen neu Aufgesetzt, und seit dem, kann ich sie Fensteraufnahme/Spielaufnahme nicht Korrekt benutzen! Immer wenn ich nicht in dem Fenster (Fortnite) bin, ist alles ok, aber sobald ich ins Spiel gehe, bleibt die Aufnahme einfach Stehen. Ich weiß, das...
  4. Filip S

    Question / Help RasberryPI 4 with Ubuntu 19.10 64bit running OBS 24

    I installed the current ubuntu 19.10 64bit version from ubuntu from https://ubuntu.com/download/raspberry-pi and with the sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop after this I was following the guide for debian/ubuntu and it was compiling without any errors or bugs. it looked nice but was encoding...
  5. S

    Question / Help My stream Freezes when switching scenes

    Ive used Obs for years never had any problems this is the first. I only pinned point it to one situation when this happens but it seems to happen when i switch scenes the whole stream would freeze on the last frame. Obs still says im streaming but twitch says im offline
  6. dactel

    Question / Help No Sources Showing

    Everything is checked and settings are set, etc. There's no real reason any of the sources wouldn't be showing in the program. latest log with stream: https://pastebin.com/fqZvEVRz Windows 10 60Hz refresh rate Nividia GT 720M (Render) Intel HD Graphics Family (Display) Did all the tutorials...
  7. F

    Question / Help 64bit Windows 7 Pro

    I downloaded the OBS Studio 21.1.2, I click to install and wrote it out "Your system runtime components that OBS Studio requires. Please make sure to install both vcredist_x64 and vcredist_x86. Would you like to download them?" I click yes, download x64, not working. OK I download x86, not...
  8. C

    Question / Help OBS Zoomed! 64bit version Windows 8.1

    Hey, I've Recently got an Issue with OBS Studio where it just Zooms in my Game or Screen Capture. I asked Many friends but none of them had a clue what it is. I allready put the output to 1920x1080 Manually and stuff like that but nothing worked, if anyone has a clue please help...