1. RetroWeeb

    Free Open Joystick Display 2.1

    A powerful and easy to use streamer-ready overlay for your joystick or gamepad. Works with OBS and other broadcasting software. Completely free and open source! New Features in 2.1: Released: March 15th 2019 80s Joysticks and Joypads (Joysticks in the 80s Theme) Atari VCS (2600) Joystick...
  2. F

    Question / Help 64bit Windows 7 Pro

    I downloaded the OBS Studio 21.1.2, I click to install and wrote it out "Your system runtime components that OBS Studio requires. Please make sure to install both vcredist_x64 and vcredist_x86. Would you like to download them?" I click yes, download x64, not working. OK I download x86, not...
  3. C

    Question / Help OBS Zoomed! 64bit version Windows 8.1

    Hey, I've Recently got an Issue with OBS Studio where it just Zooms in my Game or Screen Capture. I asked Many friends but none of them had a clue what it is. I allready put the output to 1920x1080 Manually and stuff like that but nothing worked, if anyone has a clue please help...