Question / Help Frame skipping on highest x264 presets?


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Hello, I got myself a ryzen 9 3950x for streaming however when i go to stream on the highest presets for cpu i get over 50% of my rendered frames skipped due to encoding lag. When using placebo, very slow or slower presets i get these issues however if i drop it down to the slow preset the issue seems to stop and everything works fine. The cpu isn't hitting 100% usage so i'm quite confused to how or why it's skipping frames when it has so many more resouces available to use. When streaming with placebo it uses anywhere between 40-70 percent and games take up 5-20% so i don't know why it's skipping frames?


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The CPU requirement for these presets is so high, it brings every CPU to a grinding halt. A preset above medium makes no sense, because there is no perceived visual difference. Trying to stream with "placebo" is ridiculous from a technical point of view.