Dropping frames when switching to another game


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Hi everyone, I started streaming not too long ago and I seem to have found a pattern regarding dropped frames. I have an arguably solid system (AMD Ryzen 5 3600, Nvidia RTX 2060, 16 GB RAM) and decent internet speeds (300 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload) so I doubt these aspects could be the issue here. I'm using the NVENC enconder and I have the output resolution set to 900p 60 fps.

The thing is that, the first game that I begin the stream with runs smoothly and there are almost no problems whatsoever when watching the stream (So far I've tried Outlast II, Firewatch, League of Legends, Valorant), but when I switch to a different game later on, I almost always get frame drops (On the stream, in-game runs with no problems at all) and sadly, I notice the issue when re-watching the stream after I'm finished. I don't know what could cause this, as I said, the first game is always good, with no problems, fixed on 60 fps, but later it seems to really struggle to get those constant 60 fps.

I thought it was the bitrate, so I began lowering it. I started at around 6000 Kbps and I've tried everything in between that and 4000 Kbps (Current), but I'm realizing that might not be the problem.

Well, that's all, I hope and really really really would appreciate if someone could help me on this one.

Thanks in advance, I'll post the Log File down below:

*I'm well aware that I'm using some Auto-Configuration Wizard settings, but it really isn't that different to my "actual" settings, they are pretty much the same, that's why I left it like that.
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