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Is possible to make this work/show on my streaming PC to connect to OBS?

I have a dual PC (Gaming PC & Stream PC) .

I know it can work fine with Bluetooth connected to the gaming pc and controller connected to The stream PC but it creates an input delay while playing, delays are not great on fighting games.


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Anyway I can get Fightstick Motion to show keyboard inputs? May sound weird, but I really want to use the tekken input scroll overlay with keyboard.


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hi,how should I solve this problem? The displayed command appears to have a gap in the middle, and a button that is pressed only once is displayed twice.

The one on the left is the command displayed in the game, and the one on the right is the command displayed by the plugin.


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Hi, Firefox keeps saving my "layout.sav" as a CSS file. I can still open this to get the layout back, but when I do this, the OBS URL only shows the default.


Here, if I click "open in new window" I only get the default:

How do I get this to work properly?

Is this because I can't save a .SAV file? Is there some other way to do it?