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  • Added layouts for Mixbox.
    Thanks Jynks for taking the time and effort in creating these awesome layouts!
    Image 1.jpg


  • Added "Assign to button" option to "User Specific" page.
  • Instructions:
    • DO NOT assign directional buttons by clicking the button on screen and press the button on the controller, but you can set other non-directional buttons as usual. You have to assign directional buttons by enter the button number to "Assign to button" field on the "User Specific" page. Those buttons may not react normally on the browser, please test on OBS.

      Every time you change the value in "Assign to button" on the "User Specific" page, it may mess up other buttons, so please check all other buttons again afterwards.
  • Fixed the issue when assigning "User Specific" axes to buttons, diagonals are not recognized as intented.
  • Support analog stick. You can now assign analog stick inputs just like the way you assign buttons.
  • Minor bug fix.
  • Fixed an issue that Firefox was not able to save files.
  • Fixed the horizontal input history mode image misplacement on OBS Browser plugin.
  • Minor visual changes
  • Add a visual effect on selected button when editing custom layout.
  • New feature: Input History Mode
  • New feature: Custom Layout
    You can design your own layout easily now.
    See examples in the "layout" folder.

  • Added a "user specific" setting for who has issue that there is no response on stick motions in OBS Browser.


    Add a Browser Source to OBS and link it to http://html5gamepad.com/ then move the stick and write down the value for every directions.

    Now open fightstick.html on browser (Firefox/Chrome) and fill the value you just gathered to "user specific" field. It will then generate the URL you needed.

  • Here is an example setting for Hori Real Arcade Pro V ( Thanks NinthPixel for sharing information)

    Direction       Axis         Value
    Neutral          9            3.28
    Up               9           -1.00
    Down             9            0.14
    Left             9            0.71
    Right            9           -0.42
    Up-Left          9            1.00
    Down-Left        9            0.42
    Up-Right         9           -0.71
    Down-Right       9           -0.14
  • Please share your setting for other fightstick models on the discussion section.