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Long Rule

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I can’t believe how fast you were able to create what I asked for.

Now I feel sorry that my reply took more time then the time you took to make the updates I asked for. I will try to review your next update ASAP from now on. You said “this may take some time” so I thought I’d be happy if it can be implemented in a year. I’m really amazed.

Everything I mentioned was implemented PERFECTLY except the difference of sensitivity, but I understood from your reply that it’s difficult because of the software’s limits. And you used images that I created and that’s an honor.
I don’t know how I could thank you, so I wrote a review.

But I think there is one mistake that can create a big misunderstanding but at the same time relatively easy to fix(hopefully) which is:
The directions and the buttons are one input out of sync.
I think you will understand what I mean by that just by looking at some examples.
Here are some comparisons of Tekken’s default command history (which is shown in the upper area) and the input history of Display Fightstick Motions (which is shown in the lower area). And the inputs I actually made is shown in the right by Display Fightstick Motions.





I’m still thinking of a proper way to deliver my appreciation to you.
I hope good things happen to you.

Mutant Uproar

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Hi, there is a post where people post their custom layouts or something? i am trying to find some on google but nothing shows, would like to know, thks!