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Desert Kharon IRC Plugin 1.0


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Issues with constant disconnect still present. Can't find a reason for it. The plugin just constantly loses connection. Versio of OBS is uptodate. Can't remember now when exactly the problems began and which version I was using before that.

While in the plugin options, I click few times until it finally connects only to disconnect in a few seconds. And yes, it does connect for a bit. I can see chat lines in this short time.


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If I may make a suggestion, I would recommend that when the Stop Streaming button is pushed, or the software is closed/crashes, that you terminate connection to the IRC server. I am consistently having to wait for ping timeouts to occur on the IRC side before I can reconnect. Also, when changing settings, there shouldn't be a need to re-establish IRC connectivity, unless you are changing something like the oauth token. Every time I change text settings, I have to kill the stream and wait. It's making it very difficult to find the sweet spot for text display settings.

Also, I was looking at the SmartIRC4Net, I don't see anywhere in their _OnDisconnected event a send of the QUIT command to the server. Maybe that's the issue?
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You need to fill in a password, but our IRC server which i join with MIRC doesnt use passwords. How can i let Desert Kharon connect to our IRC server if you need an password to be filled in? Cant you remove that restriction?


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This seems to work fine once it's up and running, but it adds 15-30 seconds to the startup time of my stream or preview, presumably for the connection process. I'm guessing the connection is not handled in a separate thread.


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I'm starting to get the same issue (out of range) as ball2hi has been with the most recent OBS release. I can confirm I'm using the latest version of the plugin.


this plugin is now having a lot of problems connecting via IRC... 32 & 64bit versions... I can sometimes get it to connect, but the ratio is extremely small. Anyone else getting this problem? I would love for this plugin to work again.


The developer has pretty much disappeared... it's a shame too because this plugin is great.

I remember someone earlier stated they were having problems logging in because the bot would stay logged in between streaming attempts until you closed/opened OBS again. It'd be awesome if someone forked the current version to fix that problem and make the bot go offline when you stopped streaming.


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first of all thank you for your great work, it works perfectly for twitch and hitbox.

One thing you might want to change is under 'Display':

The default seperator in the time format setting | should be in the nickname format setting as default, because it surely confused me because I wanted to change the seperator to [{time}] {nick} output: [13:37] NICK: message under the nickname format line and didn't see that little | under the time format line. It always gave me [13:37| ] NICK: message first. Also please please please add support to connect to two IRC chats simultainously, so I don't always need to switch between Twitch and Hitbox. (Atm I am using Nightdevs Twitch Chat and your Desert Kharon for Hitbox, but it's getting in the way of each other.


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Another thing is, that it works perfectly and connects fast when Previewing the stream in OBS, but when going live it often fails saying IRC connection fails and one has to click on the Desert Kharon IRC Plugin and establish connection again. This also happens while being live and switching scenes.

- Plugin fails to connect to IRC when going Live (not preview) or switching scenes.


I'm having the same issues... It worked fine before but now it fails to connect more often than not. Sometimes when the connection has been established it gives the 'connection failed' prompt afterwards. @sickbattery are you still working on this plugin?


So I just talked with @sickbattery about the status of the plugin, and he's just really busy with work doing lots of overtime at the moment. I've notified him of the connection issues and he said Twitch probably made some changes to but he'll try to fix it in the upcoming months. He won't have time until december so we'll have to be patient until then :) I have found out though that setting a custom server and using one of the IPs listed here may increase chances of connecting (it has for me).


I can never connect to the Twitch IRC... could this be because my username starts with a number? (8wayrun)


Installed plugin, works.... sometimes...

Seems to be problems connection to the IRC server/Twitch or something.

Recorded a video with the problem

Using Windows 7x64 bit.
And here is the list of my hardware.

Corsair Carbide Air 540 | Core i7 2600K | Asus P8Z68-V LX | 16GB Vengeance 1866 MHz | Fractal Deisgn Newton R2 1000W | Asus Xonar Essence ST | Radeon 7970 ghz | Razer Mamba, Mionix Naos 8200, Logitech G600 | Logitech G19 | Sennheiser 595 | Blue Yeti | Logitech c910 x2 + c920|


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Thx for great plugin!

I can confirm a bug which is related to character encoding (or probably is). All normal characters show up on chat but some special chars dont. As a Fin my chat on twich is on finnish language and chars like äöå dont show on chat. Any line containing those chars dont show on plugin chat. I attached image of situation.

Hopefully this is helpfull :-)



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Ok. I just installed OBS x86 and x64 with my plugin on my mom's pc with TeamViewer. The plug in shows up and is working.

Please post your log (start OBS, (important:) close it, go to log and post it here).

Other things you can try: Update your pc. Update .NET 4.0 or 4.5. Update DirectX. But first: Post the log, pls.
13:57:07: CLR host plugin strings not found, dynamically loading 4 strings
13:57:07: CLRHost::Initialize() attempting to load and start the .NET runtime (null)
13:57:07: CLRHost::Initialize() Found version v2.0.50727 .NET runtime
13:57:07: CLRHost::Initialize() Found version v4.0.30319 .NET runtime
13:57:07: CLRHost::Initialize() attempting to use v4.0.30319 .NET runtime
13:57:07: CLRHost::LoadInteropLibrary() load the assembly plugins\CLRHostPlugin\CLRHost.Interop.dll
13:57:08: CLRHost::LoadInteropLibrary() failed to load the assembly: 0x8007007e
14:00:26: CLR host plugin instance deleted; removing dynamically loaded localization strings

here is my log sick... i tried everything in the book still no response from CLR


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I too have issues with it. In my case the solution is to NOT ever stop streaming. Every time I need to do so, I restart OBS. The first time the plugin always connects for me, but if I want to do something (record, stream, preview), I need to exit OBS and then start it again. Otherwise the plugin does not connect. It's been like this for months. I just learned not to interrupt my usage of OBS.


A L L _ W H O _ H A V E _ P R O B L E M _ W I T H _ P L U G I N _ P L E A S E _ R E A D _ T H I S ! ! ! ! !

The program does not connect to Twitch chat 100% of the times.

But what you do is you add it as a GLOBAL SOURCE, that way it will not need to reload each time you swap scenes.

Seconadly, when the stream starts, the program tries to connect, somtimes it works, sometimes it dont.
But each time it fails, you simply go to PROPERTIES on the plugin, and then press OK, and after each time you exit the properties, the plugin retries to reconnect to chat. Either it works or it dosnt, just redo it till it works. Once it connects, plugin will work for the entuire dureation of your stream.

Enjoy and have a nice day.