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Hi everyone, I was wondering why my computer was lagging when I was trying to record 1080p League Of Legends Content. My rig should be able to do it with a breeze but I don't know why it can't. Here are my specs:
Dell G7 Laptop:
I7-8750H 8 Cores 4.1ghz
GTX 1060 6gb MAX-Q
8gb RAM
1tb HDD (I use this one to store videos.)
There is also a second issue. I couldn't record OBS with my graphics card because there was a black screen so I had to end up switching just obs to use the integrated graphics so that it could actually record. So my second question is their anyway I can use my Nvidia card instead of integrated graphics for just obs.


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Laptop? Black screen when capturing? Read here first.

Bottom line is that in order to do desktop capture, OBS has to be running on the integrated graphics, but that will most likely reduce OBS performance significantly.

OBS will run better on the Nvidia card, but then you will have to use game capture rather than display capture. I am not sure how well that works with LoL-- I know that some users have had trouble capturing multiple windows with it.
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I also would recommend to record with CRF with the x264 encoder. If you really just want to record to your local harddrive go with CRF. You can keep the value 23 and set preset to ultrafast. Lower values make your recording look better, but imho the default value is good enough!!!

The big advantage: it does not take much power. I stream with x264 medium preset @ 900p and simultaneously record with the above settings. And the recordings look extremely good!