Free Chatty 0.9.2

I just started using OBS and started to look at the tools. The Chatty tool looks good but it seems the sourceforge link and site is now 404. Is this not activly been worked on now#?
tduva updated Chatty with a new update entry:

Version 0.8: Implemented Twitch Chat updates, new BTTV/FFZ APIs, better TAB completion, and more..

  • Improved Emoticon Dialog: Shows all global emotes and a detail view for emotes.
  • TAB Completion: Now supporting completion of emotes (Shift-TAB), setting names (TAB when typing after a setting command) and custom completion items which can be added in the settings. Also added popup showing info during completion and changed behaviour a bit accordingly.
  • Correctly...
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tduva updated Chatty with a new update entry:

Version 0.8.1: Experimental Whispering, FFZ Feature Friday support, Bugfixes, and much more..

Highlights / Important Information
  • If you want to use the /w (whisper) command and receive whispers in Chatty, read the Whisper Help (some configuration required).
  • Added feature to pause scrolling when moving the mouse over chat (you have to enable it in the settings under Chat).
  • Added Tabs drag and drop reordering, more menu...
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Main feature for me: having a ding when someone says something in chat. I hardly get >0 viewers EVER, so when someone does stumble in and comments I want to catch it.
I've been using chatty for 2 years now (i think) and it crashes quite frequently. Some days / weeks all will be fine, and sometimes it will utterly refuse to launch properly once connected to my chat and just goes in "does not respond" mode and dies.

Just thought it might be a good thing to report this issue that i've been having since i'm a long time user.
(windows7 x64)

tduva updated Chatty with a new update entry:

Version 0.8.2: Twitch Chat updates, Bugfixes, and much more..

- Added some account info to User Info Dialog (click on "More..")
- Added auto-unhost feature (to unhost when your stream goes live, disabled by
- Added new Twitch Player URL in context menu
- Added feature to automatically add Addressbook categories based on Subscriber
notifications (experimental)
- Added feature to automatically copy messages into clipboard
- Admin Dialog: Added error message for trying to set invalid stream status
- Added context menu...
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tduva updated Chatty with a new update entry:

Version 0.8.3: Timeout lengths/reasons, new sub messages, and more..

Twitch has added information on the length of timeouts, which Chatty will now output by default behind deleted messages. Twitch Chat now also supports reason messages for timeouts/bans, which will be shown in Chatty only to the affected person as well as all mods.

You can now follow people directly out of Chatty using the commands /follow and /unfollow and via context menus under Miscellaneous. If you try to follow someone you are already following, it will show how long you are already...
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