Free Chatty 0.9.2

What is Chatty?
Chatty is a Chat Client specifically for Twitch Chat I've been developing for some time now. You can connect to chat with it and have the usual features like nickcolors, emoticons, moderation buttons and so on, but also other Twitch-specific stuff like showing stream information, followed streams notifications, admin panel to change the title on your stream and so on.

What are the advantages over Twitch Webchat/another IRC client?
Chatty doesn't necessarily work better when chat is breaking, but it has features you may find useful. Some people also prefer not having a program inside another program (Webchat in Browser).

The advantage of Chatty over a usual IRC client are the Twitch specific features it supports, whereas a client like mIRC or XChat is probably better if you require other features that Chatty doesn't have (like scripting). Chatty is also a bit easier to set up, because you don't have to handle the Oauth stuff manually.

  • Twitch specific features
    • Nick colors, emoticons, user icons (mod, sub, turbo, ..), showing bans, stream status and viewercount display and stats
    • Click on nick in chat to open dialog with moderation buttons, showing the recent messages of this user (no banning the wrong user)
    • Change title/game of your stream and run commercials
    • Get notified when channels you follow go live and view a list of live streams
    • Easily open streams in your browser, or run Livestreamer out of Chatty
    • Compact way of showing mod/unmod/joins/parts messages
    • With FrankerFaceZ-Support (Emoticons & Custom Mod Icons) and some of the BTTV emotes
    • Connect with OAuth (your Twitch account password is never entered in the application)
  • General features
    • Hopefully easy to use.. ;)
    • Chatlog, clickable links, nick tab completion, input history
    • Message Highlighting (keywords or specific users), Ignore System, Channel Favorites/History
    • Desktop application (some might prefer this over an application running in a browser)
    • SpeedRunsLive Race Viewer
  • Customization
    • Choose your font, customize colors, timestamp, how bans are shown, joins/parts and more
    • Customize usercolors based on user-type (mod, sub, turbo..), specific usernames or colors (replace colors)
    • Extensive settings dialog to adjust the features to your needs
Chatty is a Java application and needs at least the Java 8 JRE.

Download & Installation
Just download the .zip file and extract it. Chatty can be started by executing the Chatty.jar with Java (on Windows usually a double-click should work). There is no real installation required, once it is run Chatty will just create a settings directory where it saves the settings and logs.

A Window Standalone version (no installed Java required) is also available.

Chat with several channels and viewer statistic

Admin Panel you can open on any stream (ofc only works if it's yours or you are an editor)
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Latest updates

  1. Version 0.9.1: Rooms
  2. Version 0.8.7: Communities
  3. Version 0.8.6: Notifications update

Latest reviews

thank you. this is awesome software. (and,waiting new version...i hope so...)
I've been using it for a little while, it works great although there is some room for improvements, the notifications are not working too well, address book is useless, there is no auto-join option for channels. Other then that I actually love this tool. Hope the dev will take this feedback to mind!
How are the notifications not working? The Addressbook is to add users to categories to refer to them in different kinds of settings. There are several options to auto-join channels on start in the settings.
Top notch! This has replaced the now-deprecated Dashboard Lite for me (sorry paibox).
I have been using this for a couple months now, and it's really great. I highly appreciate having a look at my chat (+ having access to many other Twitch features) without opening a resource consuming browser !
Seems to run pretty nice, no problem so far.
Only one minus star because its a jar :D
i no longer use other tools as long as i got this one.