Free Chatty 0.9.2

Hey there i found an issue with special characters, multiple people said they have the same issue.
Its not because of the update as i had this before too.

Special characters are displayed as boxes but not all the time. If you switch fonts it sometimes fixes it but breaks some time after again.
I guess it depends on what the font is able to display, since Java apparently doesn't use a fallback font for charachters it can't display if you specify one of your own. Often those special characters seem to be displayed more reliably in the User Info Dialog or the titlebar (if they are like in a stream title).

I'm not sure what I can do about that.
I guess i did a poor job in describing the issue, my bad. :)

This is not about a single font, this is about ALL fonts, its a seemingly random issue as i and others have not found a reason for it to be happening. Lets say you use "font A" (imaginary name since the font itself doesnt matter) and everything is FINE, you see special characters just fine. Suddenly after some time it STOPS displaying those characters, if you now switch to "font B" there is a chance that those characters start displaying correctly again, until it stops working again.

Those 2 fonts can be the same 2 fonts and sometimes not. So font B isnt fixing it all the time and switching back to font A isnt a guaranteed way to fix it either. So far it seems completely random which font will fix it and which one wont.
I'll pay even more attention to it from now on to see if there maybe is a certain time or occurance (twitch api being laggy?) and will report back.
tduva updated Chatty with a new update entry:

Version 0.6.6: Ignore System, improved Custom Commands, Livestreamer, Update Notification and more

  • Ignore chat messages by keyword, username, addressbook category and channel, then choose whether to completely hide them, show how many were ignored every 30s (if any) or show which users where ignored. Ignored messages also get added to a seperate window so you can check them if you want to.
  • Improved Update Notification....
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I use this every stream and love it. Even got my friends using it everyday. Question is, will there ever be support for BTTV emotes? It would be rad to see them added.

This is my opinion and not that of NightDev. it might seem bias because I help with NightDev support lol
I encountered a problem if anyone is there for help its appreciated-

I downloaded Chatty, read the "read me file". it said when asked for which program i should open with choose Java. so when i double clicked Chatty and "open with" window came up, i didn't see Java, so there was a search box and i typed Java, and it immediately set it to Java, maybe, i am not sure. but when i try to open it this black box flashes and goes away. it doesn't open anything anymore, and when i right click i don't see "Open with" option anymore so i cant choose another program. What should i do Help :( ?

Thank you
I'm not quite sure what you mean, but are you sure you have Java installed? Open a commandline window and type "java -version" and see if Java outputs it's version. If it does you can also open a commandline window in the folder where Chatty.jar is located and type "java -jar Chatty.jar". If there are any errors when starting Chatty with Java, it should come up then.

This may also be helpful to you:
tduva updated Chatty with a new update entry:

Version 0.6.7: Now supporting some of the BTTV emotes, improved Game Selection dialog, and much more

  • Now supporting some of the BetterTTV emotes.
  • Changed Game Select Dialog to using just one single list for both the Game Favorites and the search result (to use the available space more efficiently).
Full Changelog

New features:
- Added support for some of the BetterTTV emotes
- Added feature to ignore indiviual emotes, which makes them not turn into an
image (but...​
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What do you mean by that? Shouldn't a Java program work on Mac? I know some people use it on Mac. If you are confused by the "Windows only", that only applies to the hotkey feature.
Thats more of a Windows related question I guess (assuming you mean Windows). I assume you can right-click it on the taskbar when running to attach it. If that doesn't work you can create a shortcut and drag that onto the taskbar. To have it have the Chatty icon, see this guide: (if you try it, tell me if it works, it worked on Windows 7 for me)
It did work in that sense that it creates a shortcut that I can pin, but! It wont launch the application. I get this error that seems very common but I don't understand what it is:
"Could not find the main class: chatty.Chatty. Program will exit."
So you are saying when you double-click the Chatty.jar it works, but when you run it from the shortcut it doesn't work? What OS are you using?

Unfortunately I don't really know what the error means in this context either, because running "javaw -jar" and specifying a .jar file means it looks in the .jar file for the program, so I don't know why it would find the .jar but not the classes in that file. (As long as the .jar itself is valid, which it seems to be because it normally works just fine.)

You may want to try opening a commandline and entering "ftype jarfile" to see what path it uses when you double-click a .jar. Then you can use the same path to Java in your shortcut. So it might say:
jarfile="C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe" -jar "%1" %*
Then you could use in your shortcut (adjust the path to the Chatty.jar obviously):
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe" -jar "D:\chatty\Chatty.jar"
Just in case the javaw.exe in your system32 folder somehow doesn't work (maybe an older version, which is suggested here that that may be an issue, even though the problem described there is kind of the other way around).
Dude, just tried this thing out and so far I'm liking it (haven't put it through an actual chat, just some chat messages).

Some feedback for you...
- In the colors area, even though it's accepted, $broadcaster isn't listed as an option.
- Add option to apply nick colors to the nick list
- Add option to hide the nick list (per channel or as default)
- Tab coloring options (highlight on/off setting per channel and as default for all channels, color to highlight with when enabled)
- For nick list, feature to either dim out or remove names of inactive users (with option to set time of inactivity). This would be particularly useful for those using v3 to connect with, so if a user hasn't talked in say 30 mins, then perhaps they left? Would help clear out the user list.
- Small issue, if you don't start it in the chatty folder, then when in the sound options and you try to change the location, it just reports an error, it doesn't let you change it at all. you have to exit the program and restart it in the right folder for it to work.

Something that I think you could do, either as a separate tool or an 'advanced' option of this tool, a plugin for OBS that would let the streamer include a chat in their stream. It would more or less be a stripped down version of Chatty...
- No nick list on side (show chat only) and no input bar.
- Most (if not all?) options would be in the plugin and the plugin would mainly handle how content is displayed.
- Options (in plugin)
--- Reload previous chat or start fresh.
--- Show the current number of (viewers, followers, subscribers) at the top/bottom of the chat.
--- Show joins/parts/mod/unmod and subs/follows/timeouts
--- Show stream uptime (basically how long the plugin has been active)
--- Twitch name to load chat for, size, opacity
--- Tab for actual displaying of content (colors, etc)
--- Deleted content - either hide entire line or grey it out so the name and "<deleted>" appear.
- Would be similar to Twitch's popout chat, in that the content conforms to the size of the window and data automatically scrolls as new chat text comes up. Though, no scroll bar should ever be visible.
- sound options (just like you have in chatty, except standalone for this if someone isn't running chatty directly)
- option to play a video or display an image for certain events (new followed, subscriber, donation, etc) (and oh yeah, when a donation is detected, add it to the chat even though it's not provided by twitch)
- timestamps (same options as you have in chatty, outside of letting a person choose the separating character (. instead of : for example), I can't think of anything to do different with how you made this. truly, thank you for being smart with this, it's usually an under developed feature with chat programs/sites/etc.)

What I'm thinking is that when the plugin goes active, the chatty 'core' would handle making all the content available, but the plugin itself would handle what to show and how to display it. To put it in another way, imagine reading an html file where there is no real formatting other than div's and span's. the plugin would, in essence, assign the formatting options to the classes (item becomes deleted, it would be changed to include name and the fact that it was deleted, but the plugin might choose to do 'hidden' to it so it doesn't appear). I hope that makes sense, as I believe that would make for a VERY powerful in-stream chat option. I know I would definitely make use of it. I'm already using clr browser to load up a few instances of the popout chat, so that as i switch scenes, i have the chat available but in different sizes. A plugin that is essentially 'Chatty' would make things so much simpler. Could use just one chatty plugin per scene and have it user fewer resources and be smooth.

I hope you'll consider the plugin idea. :)

Again though, Chatty = awesome so far. Might help me to cut down on CPU usage by being able to close the browsers while streaming. That's a definite PLUS in my opinion.