cannot use normaly traktor + dj2go2 + obs


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Good day! Hope you can help me. For DJing I use Traktor Pro 3, mini controller Numark DJ2GO2 and midi controller Roland A-500PRO. But the question is: how can I correctly setup DJ2GO2 in OBS studio? In OBS, when I select an capture output audio device, I choose DJ2GO2. Next, I cannot select a specific playback channel of it. That is, the OBS reproduces any sound from any DJ2GO2 channel, for example, the sound goes through the main - obs, it reproduces, or the pre-listened sound goes through the cue and the obs also reproduces it. I need all the sound that goes only in the main (master / speaker) channel to be played in the OBS, without the sound that goes in the preview (cue / headphones).
How can I do it? Maybe there are specific audio plugins for OBS Studio?