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    cannot use normaly traktor + dj2go2 + obs

    Good day! Hope you can help me. For DJing I use Traktor Pro 3, mini controller Numark DJ2GO2 and midi controller Roland A-500PRO. But the question is: how can I correctly setup DJ2GO2 in OBS studio? In OBS, when I select an capture output audio device, I choose DJ2GO2. Next, I cannot select a...
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    Traktor/Mixcloud/OBS Cue issues

    I am live streaming DJ mixes using a Traktor S2 Mk3, connected via USB to my Laptop and running through Traktor Pro 3. I use Mixcloud to stream via OBS. This all works fine however one problem is OBS is broadcasting the sound I should only hear through my headphones when mixing - the tracks...
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    Question / Help OBS playing both channels via traktor, including cued deck in headphones

    Hi, I am trying to live stream from my technic 1210's and vestax pcv-275 mixer via Traktor. They are inputted to the Traktor Scratch A6 Soundcard, then connected to my i mac via usb. I am using traktor Pro 3 on this machine and i have both decks set up fine working with faders and mixer, but...
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    Question / Help Traktor / OBS - Audio Output problem

    Hey guys. Newbie here at all of this, hoping someone can help me out So I am trying to stream a set I’m doing on my Traktor into OBS using my Macbook. I don’t have a separate audio interface, I essentially downloaded Blackhole and aggregated the audio output on my Audio Midi Setup to include my...