Question / Help OBS playing both channels via traktor, including cued deck in headphones


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I am trying to live stream from my technic 1210's and vestax pcv-275 mixer via Traktor.

They are inputted to the Traktor Scratch A6 Soundcard, then connected to my i mac via usb.

I am using traktor Pro 3 on this machine and i have both decks set up fine working with faders and mixer, but when i try and stream/record via OBS on same mac machine, it picks up audio from both decks and does not separate the mix, as if it isn't picking up any data from the mixer.

Am i able to use traktor and OBS on the same machine? I have tried connecting the master out of the AS soundcard to the headphone jack using a sterio audio cable, but OBS doesn't seem to recognise it.

Can any one help me with this, i have spent hours trying different options to no joy.