1. rafael_ferrari

    [HELP] OBS can't to take info from youtube channel connected

    Hey guys, I coneccted my youtube channel but get a message saying: "Can't to take information from your channel." The comments popup is showing to me, bus I cant to see the popup to configure the livestream and other info from my channel. How can I to solve this issue? PS: I another account...
  2. P

    How to remove copyrighted content (image, logo, etc.) during livestreaming?

    Hey All, I'm looking for some way to remove or blur copyrighted content, like images and/or company logos, in real time during my live streams. I was looking for a plugin which can do that, but I couldn't find any. Please, advise. Regards
  3. A

    Automate live stream (start and stop)

    Hello Can i start and stop livestream automatic by scheduling my stream in multiple mode ? I read many articles about obs parameters but all of them did not mentioned any command about stop streaming automatically . I have successfully used start live streaming in multiple mode using “task...
  4. K

    Spotty audio on YouTube live stream

    Hi! I just bought a new laptop ideal for live streaming, and I downloaded OBS. I plugged in a WebCam because I need to stream from a camera facing the opposite direction. I’m being told from my YouTube subscribers that the audio is breaking up when I play music, but that my voice is fine. Can...
  5. Mr. Mmhhmm

    Free OBS Key Moments v1.0

    Designed with a predictable workflow in mind; the OBS-Key-Moments dock will keep track of your progress through your typical livestreaming/recording scene list progression while recording a list of timestamps that can be copy/pasted into the YouTube description after the livestream/recording is...
  6. O

    Livestream disconnecting from YouTube ingest server

    I am having an issue with my livestream disconnecting, and dropping many frames 'due to network'. I have done a lot of research as to what are the ideal settings for streaming and I'll list them below. I stream for a church on Sunday morning, and I'll have a flawless stream for anywhere from 20...
  7. A

    XPS 8300 (i7 - 2600 @ 3.40 GHz) Livestreaming @ 1080p and 60fps (450W PSU - 16GB RAM) - running windows 10

    Hi, I am trying to set up a livestreaming channel on Youtube and my current GPU(HD7770) does not encode and the live streaming is running on the processor, which makes it very slow. Is there a Video Card that you would suggest using for the XPS 8300? We do not have much on it (taking power)...
  8. B

    Youtube not picking up live stream

    So, as of recently, I decided to go live on YouTube, but strangely, my stream did not pick up on YouTube. OBS said I was live, but I could not find my own stream to even find stream chat. I made sure I was using the right service and stream keys, and nothing worked. Even though OBS said I was...
  9. D

    OBS does not see video preview in premier pro

    Hi, this is my first forum post so I hope I've done it right, but I have a pretty specific question that I haven't found the answer to elsewhere, and was hoping someone here could help. I'd like to be able to livestream myself editing a video in premier, and have set obs to look for the premier...
  10. B

    Question / Help OBS playing both channels via traktor, including cued deck in headphones

    Hi, I am trying to live stream from my technic 1210's and vestax pcv-275 mixer via Traktor. They are inputted to the Traktor Scratch A6 Soundcard, then connected to my i mac via usb. I am using traktor Pro 3 on this machine and i have both decks set up fine working with faders and mixer, but...
  11. M

    OBS Studio: Stream to multiple platforms or channels at once

    UPD 17 Mar 2021: Now that the amazing SoraYuki published their obs-multi-rtmp plugin, you probably don't need this guide anymore, as the plugin is a lot easier to use. Like, a lot easier. But if you need FFmpeg filters, or you need to output at different frame rates, keep reading. Before you...
  12. J

    Question / Help Play Zoom Video in OBS for Website Live Stream

    Hello, I want to take the video from a web conference (video + audio) from Zoom and put it to OBS (25.0.1). From OBS, I'd use stream keys to play that livestream to our website and Facebook. However, I haven't been able to find a way to do this other than just use the Window Capture device...
  13. N

    Question / Help OBS Crashes During YT Live

    My OBS is crashing during my live streams. I have been streaming weekly for well over a year and only within the last 4 weeks the stream will just STOP. Please help as I am scheduled to stream again tonight! Every crash has this report: Failed to recreate D3D11: Failed to create input layout...
  14. miubi

    Bug Report http stream appears(just a snap) and stops in preview, streaming to youtube fails

    Hi, I am trying to stream a IP Cam which streams over http i was successful in streaming it in my browser i was successful in streaming it in my vlc player i was not able to stream it in obs , why so, here below are my steps the preview streams only the snap of it and there no streaming...
  15. Z

    Question / Help Gameplay freezez when i click into my game

    Every time i click out of obs my stream freezez on the gameplay, my camera doesn't freeze but the rest does. when i click back into obs everything unfreezez, but the moment i open the game it freezez again? can someone pls help me?
  16. A

    Bug Report Facebook asks to reload/log in while livestreaming from OBS

    Hi there! I'm livestreaming from (last version of) OBS (Mac OS) to my personal profile on Facebook. While reviewing the live video on facebook/live/create the Facebook keeps asking me to reload the page and log in to the site. Any suggestions why and what might be the reason? Thanks a loit!
  17. M

    Question / Help OBS bitrate/quality fluctuations while streaming

    Hi there! So, the past few months I streamed on twitch (and youtube) using OBS studio. The quality of the screen fluctuated so enormously, while OBS neither twitch were not showing any bitrate fluctuations. Can someone tell me what could be occuring? I added a link at the bottom of this...