1. D

    DJ sound routing issue (Traktor)

    Maybe some other DJs on here could help me with this. I use Traktor and a Kontrol MK3 to play my sets. The issue I am having is that the silenced channel I am queuing is coming through over the live feed. This is only in the video and does not occur on a straight audio recording nor over my...
  2. I

    Problem with drivers and streaming [Traktor3pro+S2 MK3+Behringer UMC404HD + turntable]

    Hi, all i broke my dj mixer and decide to try a controller for the first time but i would like to continue use my audio interface and not the S2 one (i consider my audio interface has superior sound fidelity) On the room sound and cue is always fine (i monitor with headphones connected to the...
  3. S

    no audio in obs

    I have no audio in OBS. I have used Xsplit and Twitch there is the audio found. What can I check more software: ASIO Traktor
  4. O

    Probleme mit Traktor S8 / Black hole / Mac M1 pro

    Hallo Leute! Ich brauche Hilfe! Ich habe ein Mac Book Pro M1, Traktor S8 und würde gerne mit OBS Live Streamen. Dazu wird im Netzt und von OBS Black Hole empfohlen. Ich bekomme keinen Ton in OBS. Ich habe nun schnell 100 Seiten gelesen und eben soviel Einstellungen probiert aber es geht nicht...
  5. nokaraoke

    Guide to creating a Traktor “now playing” overlay for OBS

    Hey everyone, I’ve written up a guide to creating your own “Now Playing” overlay for OBS and Traktor 3 on Mac. Hope you find it useful! here’s the link:
  6. V

    cannot use normaly traktor + dj2go2 + obs

    Good day! Hope you can help me. For DJing I use Traktor Pro 3, mini controller Numark DJ2GO2 and midi controller Roland A-500PRO. But the question is: how can I correctly setup DJ2GO2 in OBS studio? In OBS, when I select an capture output audio device, I choose DJ2GO2. Next, I cannot select a...
  7. T

    Bad Audio Quality when using OBS to Capture Sound (probably not AAC related)

    Hello, I have an audio issue. The problem seems to the same as this one: Summary: When i capture sound from Traktor Pro 2 into OBS and i monitor the sound, the audio sounds like it's at 32...
  8. Darude

    DJ stream audio crap / crash

    Hi guys! I’m in quite a pickle and I don’t know what is causing it. I can’t 100% blame any single gadget or software in my system, but it’s a stream-crippling thing and I need to find out what’s going on, what causes this audio issue / buffer overrun / conflict of some sort. In short, often...
  9. P

    Question / Help Capture external sound from AUDIO 8 DJ

    Hello ! I'm here today because I have a problem with my DJ Streaming Setup, i explain : I want to DJ in streaming on Facebook etc with OBS, to take the sound of my mixer I want to use an external Sound Card, the Traktor Audio 8 DJ. But, when my Streaming Mac is connected in USB with the Audio 8...
  10. M

    Question / Help Problème pré écoute traktor

    Bonjour, voilà je fait des lives Facebook via obs tout marchait bien mais j'ai changer de matériel, et maintenant avec mon contrôleur traktor NI, quand je fait un live via obs la pré écoute de mon casque et prise aussi dans la sortie audio les auditeurs entendent toutes mes pistes. Mes réglage...
  11. B

    Question / Help OBS playing both channels via traktor, including cued deck in headphones

    Hi, I am trying to live stream from my technic 1210's and vestax pcv-275 mixer via Traktor. They are inputted to the Traktor Scratch A6 Soundcard, then connected to my i mac via usb. I am using traktor Pro 3 on this machine and i have both decks set up fine working with faders and mixer, but...
  12. A

    Question / Help Probleme audio de bureau avec Traktor S4

    Bonjour je suis débutant en la matière, je cherche à faire un mix en direct sur facebook en direct via OBS, mon soucis c'est que aucune audio de bureau n'est détectée. Mon traktor s4 est connecté en usb sur mon mac, j'ai affecté mon s4 comme entrée et sortie dans mes préférences de sons. Merci...
  13. S

    Question / Help Audio echo/cut while camera switching

    Hello! Please someone help me before 19th Jan. On this date I will have a special house party and I want to be sure the livestream will work at his best.. Right now I found out 1 problem, for the rest everything works fine. I use 1 laptop, mixing tracks with Traktor. On this laptop I also do...