Bad Audio Quality when using OBS to Capture Sound (probably not AAC related)


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I have an audio issue. The problem seems to the same as this one: Summary:
When i capture sound from Traktor Pro 2 into OBS and i monitor the sound, the audio sounds like it's at 32 or 64 kbps. "A bunch of squeaks and cracks during the highs/treble, and the bass sounds as if it's turned completely off." I also tried to use an external sound card, but to no avail.

This all happens on my Dell XPS laptop, Windows 10. When i use OBS with this exact same set up on my older laptop (Lenovo something, Windows 7), the sound is great. All the OBS settings also seem to be the same. On both laptops, the AAC codec is used in the same way according to the logs.

I've attached my latest log from my XPS (the AAC part looks exactly the same on my Lenovo), and my audio settings (settings are in Dutch, sorry).


Any help is much appreciated :)


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