Question / Help Traktor / OBS - Audio Output problem


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Hey guys.
Newbie here at all of this, hoping someone can help me out

So I am trying to stream a set I’m doing on my Traktor into OBS using my Macbook. I don’t have a separate audio interface, I essentially downloaded Blackhole and aggregated the audio output on my Audio Midi Setup to include my Traktor Device, Blackhole as well as the built in audio on my laptop so I can hear what’s playing.

I went onto Traktor and designated this Mutli-Output device in my audio set up section as where the sound will be going

When I set it up on OBS, I designated Blackhole as my audio input capture. Basically what’s happening is I can hear the music on my laptop when I play it through the Traktor program and it’s going through into OBS, however on my Traktor I’m not able to hear the music playing in my headphones anymore. I can hear it fine on my computer and I see it working on OBS, but am having trouble with the cue and can’t hear what’s going in on my headphones privately :(

Can someone give me some guidance as to what I’m doing wrong?
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