1. TailsTheFox

    switch at specific times to scene in advanced scene switcher

    What i want to do is that every :18 and :48 of every hour it switches to an scene here and then exactly 66 seconds later it switches back i however have not found any to do this however in advanced scene switcher
  2. C

    What's the problem with my PC?

    I have a Lenovo Laptop with a Intel Core I5-11300H and a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 (Laptop) with 8GB RAM DDR4 with a Windows 11 and when I open OBS and start playing a game, the game starts lagging every time and I don't know why. When I close OBS, the game's FPS start rising up again. In the...
  3. 4

    Soap image!

    What to do if there is a soapy picture when recording?
  4. 3

    OBS Virtual Microphone

    I'm sure you've heard of or even use the OBS Virtual Camera feature. It allows you to use a scene in OBS as an actual camera source. It's a great feature and I use it almost daily. I was wondering if there is a way to implement an OBS Virtual Microphone. Instead of having to use your...
  5. R

    Lag cuando OBS no está en primer plano

    Buenas! Últimamente cuando hago directos me doy cuenta que por más bien que vea yo el juego y más que lo configure hay veces que en el obs se ve con lag a pesar que el directo no se vea tan mal (que aun así cuando hay lag en obs algún tirón da el directo). El caso es que probando he visto que si...
  6. J

    Preview doesn't work

    my obs with newest version got problem. my preview doesn't view anything but my program is working any idea?
  7. G

    NOTE CODER does not recognize my Amd Rx6400 video card

    So I simply downloaded the obs studio visando Stream and when I went to do the configuration, it doesn't find the video card but this x256. What can I do?
  8. R

    How to seperate desktop audio and mic audio so we can edit both seperatly????

    Please help with this How to seperate desktop audio and mic audio so we can edit both seperaty in recording
  9. L

    I Am A New Streamer On Twitch And I Want To Get A Crisp 720p60fps Stream

    Hello everyone I am a new streamer at twitch and i really want to stream 720p60fps, but when i am watching the stream on PC the stream looks a bit pixely, but on the phone looks ok. My PC MSI Radeon RX570 8GB And RYZEN 3 1200 - I Use AMD H264 Encoder I hope that someone will help me to find the...
  10. D

    Obs not work Chaturbate 1080p60

    Hello, I’d like to know if someone can help Me with that little issue, I got everything done as many setting I watched In YouTube. My obs is not overloaded, broadcasting is perfectly not lost of data or anything wrong, just when I checked my video quality it works for 720 max for guests. I dunno...
  11. B

    Need help for game audio

    When I play Minecraft, the game audio in OBS is around -40 decibels which I cannot hear on the file, and when I watch YouTube it is normal in the yellow zone (-20 to -10 decibels) which I can hear on the file. Only Minecraft has a low audio input for OBS but I can hear it loud and clear through...
  12. N

    My game is laggy while OBS is open. "Max audio buffering reached!"

    Hello! So i recently got a new computer. Specs: I5-10400F Rtx 2060 16gb of Ram And when I open obs while playing games like minecraft and try to move mouse around, my gameplay fells really laggy. My fps is still good but gameplay looks like I'm playing on potato. Also i want to mention that my...
  13. G

    Game lagging when OBS open

    Having OBS open in the background causes my game to stutter. I play Minecraft. The stuttering happens when I move my mouse around obviously and is only stopped when I minimize obs, which is a pain to do every time I want to open another window. The stuttering happens regardless of whether I'm...
  14. P

    Which encoder should I use?

    Hello, so I have average pc wtih components: Intel I5 3570k, RX 570 4gb, 16gb ram, and I think my cpu is not strong for streaming so I want to stream with my gpu. Which of those two H264 encoders should I use? Thanks in advance.
  15. A

    Problem recording 2k in OBS with a i9 12900 and rtx 3090 asus tuf / Problema para grabar en 2k en obs con un i9 12900 y una 3090 rtx asus tuf

    I have a pc with an i9 12900k + rtx asus tuf 3090 and 32gb of 3600hz ram and when recording some games when it moves very fast the terrain locks, not too much in fact it is not very noticeable but it is note. I record at 2k I leave my OBS config the FPS are fine no drops -. Tengo un problema...
  16. A

    Use of Phone Camera as Virtual Camera in OBS Studio and finally to Google Meet

    Hey all, I want to use my phone camera as a WebCam in Google Meet and for this purpose, I have downloaded the DroidCam OBS plugin. It works well but there is a problem. It streams correctly if I place phone in horizontal way but for me, I want to keep my phone in vertical position (the way we...
  17. G

    Autoplay videos with VLC source don't work.

    Hi all ! I am recently having a little problem playing videos from a folder with the VLC source plugin. Basically, what I do in my streaming is to make replay clips of the "best moments", and whe I finish my streaming, go to a final screen to visualize those "best moments" that had previously...
  18. F

    OBS is not showing CS:GO on screen

    Hey. I have got a problem with my OBS. When I choose to take a game screen into my OBS, its not showing the game. You can see all the problem on printscreen. Im using that -untrusted option, so it is not a solution. Also I tried just to reinstall my game but it is not working anyway. I really...
  19. D

    Humming or screeching with Audio Input Capture

    I have tried using my camera mic, and 2 different headsets, but there is a slight humming in the background of my videos. Also, when I use the headsets, my voice sounds muffled, the camera mic picks up my voice fine, I'd rather use a headset but at this point I'll take anything with no hum. My...
  20. M

    Obs blackscreen on msi

    So guys, IM using MSI thin gf 63, i want to use OBS, but its blackscreen, i tried every way to figure it, but its No success. And i also tried other stream support, its also blackscreen. Anyone use MSI to and having this problem? Pls help me someone and give me solution