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I am currently involved in an online performance in which we are streaming a performance from OBS to a website called Upstage (which I’m aware no one here will know). Anyway, we want the stream to only take up a small amount of the screen on the upstage website- we can make the actual image of the video capture smaller but there is still a black background to it, meaning that when we put an image behind the stream on the webpage, it is still blocked out. Is therI any way we can fix this?? Thanks


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Sounds like you need this:

But even so, this is more a question about how to modify the Upstage website than a question of how to use OBS. Even if there was a way in OBS to mark part of your canvas as something you wanted to key out, the presentation side of the Upstage website would need to recognize what needed to be keyed, and what should be composited in its place.

You can do that easily inside OBS-- place an image source that fills the screen and overlay a smaller video source on top of it-- but then you need on the OBS machine the image(s) you want and you'd have to manually control when and how long they display, which would be the same every time the video is played. I'm guessing that's not the scenario you're imagining.