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  1. V

    When will OBS be fully compatible with streamelements again?

    Whenever I change the overlays in streamelements I get this bug in obs studio where the app launches but the window doesn't. In a previous thread I was suggested to delete obs studio and it's roaming data to fix the problem. When I reinstalled obs studio the bug was gone, but after I modified...
  2. N

    OBS Studio 28.1.2 Problem with recording software VMWARE

    Guys I can't find a solution to the problem with OBS Studio 28.1.2 I insert from the "sources" column then I choose "capture screen" and I select "selection method" "Windows 10 (1903 or higher)" why when I register with VMWARE with the Windows emulator I put it in full screen it cuts the margin...
  3. M

    OBS not working properly on my laptop

    OBS keeps playing up when I record once or stream once I cannot record again or stream I have to close it and when I exit or close it OBS it doesn't Close properly I have to keep Force closing and I cannot exit it in hidden icons in the corner of my window I have to go to Task Manager...
  4. Prizzem

    AMD encoder keeps freezing, checking logs and saying amf not found

    https://obsproject.com/logs/7V_9g36IgphF0Ywz That is my obs logs, when I try to record using the amd encoder, it stays in stopping recording. I think it is amf, but 1. how do you install advanced media firework, 2. will it work? im trying to record at higher fps at well, like 120, 340, for...
  5. Sam Drumz

    Question / Help OBS Studio Audio Input Capture Not Detecting Audio From Presonus FireStudio

    I installed OBS Studio about two days ago and I connected my Presonus RM32AI to my MacBook Pro 15". I then created a scene and added audio input capture as a source. I got sound the first time, but after running into a few issues I ended up deleting the scene and starting again. The second time...
  6. S

    Bug Report OBS Studio not using my Full Upload Speed!

    I was using the same settings of my stream for a Year and had no problems that i could't fix. My Internet speed is 30/6 Mbs After last weekend my OBS won't stream above 3000 kb/s and often drops to 0 kb/s (I am streaming on twtich with 4500/5000 kb/s with no problem until now) I tried Multiple...
  7. C

    Bug Report OBS doesn't want to stop recording

    When I start recording and stop it, it does not work. I have to close the software and it does not record my recording. What do I have to do ?
  8. SpectreKid

    Question / Help OBS Studio Laggy Video when fps fluctuates?

    Hi OBS Forum, While I was using OBS Studio to record gameplay, I've noticed that the OBS Studio fps would lag when the FPS fluctuates. I don't know what is causing this issue, and it doesn't seem to be something wrong with my settings or my OBS configuration, said that I have altered my...
  9. N

    Bug Report OBS Studio recording at low framerate and getting stuck in "stopping recording"

    Hi guys, I'm fighting the "stopping recording" bug for a few days now. OBS records seemingly normal but when stopping the recording, gets stuck. When force closing OBS the process will still continue running in the background at low resource usage. The longer I leave that process running, the...
  10. B

    Question / Help OBS will crash after pressing 'start recording'

    All relevant drivers are up to date I checked today here is a screenshot of the error message: http://prntscr.com/mxzm6z crash log: https://pastebin.com/g31x9zjm last log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/YhB-Xt1v3uZVBY9p The problem started about a day after I changed some of the output...
  11. D

    Question / Help Auto Stopped Recordings

    Hello! I need help with my OBS ASAP! My recordings keep stopping at 30 seconds, automatically, and I don't know what to even do about this situation. Many people have told me to use another recording software, but I love OBS and so I need you guys to help me fix this! Thank you.
  12. A

    Bug Report OBS Quit Unexpectedly

    Hi, I am here to explain that after I updated on September 2nd, it quits unnecessary and it says 'OBS Quit unnecessarily' When I tried to install and unstall the OBS it appears the same message and when I reopened it, it says cannot find locale. And I tried everything to work and I can't so can...
  13. simon ghoul

    Question / Help OBS let's me rescale from 1280x720 to 852x480, but it doesn't let me 1280x720 to 640x360

    Here are my fresh logs https://hastebin.com/lukepidiba 480p log https://hastebin.com/esisazicet 360p log The rescale output option is checked and I am trying to stream
  14. D

    Question / Help OBS recording is lagging / Game isnt lagging

    Hello (again), a few days ago, I started using OBS Studios 64-Bit. I have a 1080 Ti as for my games and my 970 as a render card installed. But my recordings are always lagging whether I use Nvidia NVENC or H.264 encoder(with my 1080 ti or my 970) or my SSD or my normal drive to save the...
  15. SpectreKid

    Question / Help HELP! My recordings would crash in my editor!

    Hi, I record with OBS and SLOBS, and I want to edit them with Camtasia (version 2018.) However, I cannot seem to be able to run it in the timeline, as it crashes the editor. It wasn't the editor's problem too. My video was MP4 container, and I tried using another recorder to record at MP4...
  16. O

    Question / Help FINALLY FIXED dropped frames issue (while window is focused)

    I have had this annoying issue after 1803 which caused OBS to lose frames while the game window was focused. the following finally fixed it (for now?) 1. click "Win Start" 2. search for "Graphic Settings" 3. the window in the attached image should open up 4. look for the OBS.EXE file 5. set...
  17. M

    Bug Report i cant install obs

    help me guys pls
  18. G

    Bug Report OBS Crashes Mid Stream

    Recently I have been streaming through OBS and I have had no problems but it has led to Crashing mid stream along with the rest of my open apps crashing. I do not understand why or how, and I was hoping that you could help me fix this or a way around it.
  19. MuwazIs79

    Question / Help Mac OBS Bug

    Im trying to fix this error but i can't. I wanted to record whit Game Display (Syphon) because i get more FPS is there anyway i can fix this or get help fixing it?
  20. SomaTGW

    Question / Help OBS stuck on "Stopping Stream..." when I click on "Stop Stream"

    Hello forums! I have had this issue as explained in the title for a while, the stream also keeps going and recording unless I close down OBS, and seems to be hooked to the game I was streaming too (as when I updated if after closing it once, it said the program was being used by the game exe I...