Audio stuttering at 29.97 fps but works at 30 fps. Video works at 29.97 fps but will not work at 30 fps (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Does anyone know how I can use a microphone through the Blackmagic device at 29.97 and get the audio to not stutter? Why does OBS have issues handling 29.97 which is hugely common for video devices?

Have been trying to get a number of XLR mics to work and decide on one for a stream but ALL of them were giving me really bad choppy sound and stuttering issues. After doing a ton of work problem solving in another thread I found that I could solve the audio stuttering issue by changing the OBS video to 30 fps BUT the video won't work. We are down over $1000 at this point just on rental equipment to try and get this to work with OBS.

Unfortunately all the cameras and interfaces I have only work at NTSC 29.97 or 59.94.

I have tried a number of workflows to see if I could get a 30 fps signal through to OBS but no luck. The cameras will not output at 30fps, changing all settings in blackmagic device, and in OBS to 30fps has not given me video signal. In fact I have never been able to get video signal from a 29.97 device at 30fps in OBS.

Devices tested:
  • Blackmagic ultrastudio mini 4k
  • Multiple XLR microphones (Rode, Sennheiser etc)
  • Elgato camlink 4k
  • Additional XLR to USB external device.
The only solution that gives me video and good audio is using a separate external XLR to USB device which wastes the XLR port on the Blackmagic device and I would have to buy separately.

Here are some other things attempted:

I am not posting a log since it has personal info in it, will try to clean it and post at some point but only issue showing on log is the non standard fps format which is funny because cameras are at 29.97 but ok.