Application Audio Capture (BETA) not working properly


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Hello everyone,
I have a problem with application audio capture. Whenever I use it the audio recorded has a heavy interference sound behind it. Heres the proof: . The logs i get have no information about the problem I tried disabling the mic and change the audio source but I keep having this problem. The funny part is that the deafult audio records are just fine, they dont have this interference sound problem. Also, some friends told me whenever I SSed a game on discord they hear a a static sound, dk if it's the same interference sound I get but could give a hint that the problem is the audio plugins? Anyways if anyone could help it would be much apreciated :).


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I've been having this exact issue with the application audio capture beta feature. For me, it's random. It might happen in the beginning, or sometimes in the middle of streaming/recording, for a duration of 1-10 minutes and then go back to functioning correctly. I haven't experienced this problem with the regular audio output capture of desktop audio.

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Hello! I'm a little bit late but I found a fix to my problem! What worked for me was disabling audio enhancements on the properties of the speaker of sound control panel.


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Hi! I actually use the win-capture-audio plugin which I think is no longer updated.
Should I use the one included in OBS now?
Is it Anti-Cheat safe?