1. I

    Audio has terrible static

    I could not find any info on this issue, if there is I apologize! For a little while now I have started having issues with my OBS audio. Specifically, from time to time my audio gets awful static. It's only the audio sources from "Application Capture" function, so not my Microphone input or...
  2. R

    Error audio gameplay

    Español Buenas, tengo este problema en la grabación de un juego, al momento de jugar no se escucha ningún problema con el audio, pero al ver la grabación el audio se escucha distorsionado y con una especie de estática, alguna solución? gracias. English Hello, I have this problem in the recording...
  3. Zakiwnl

    Application Audio Capture (BETA) not working properly

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with application audio capture. Whenever I use it the audio recorded has a heavy interference sound behind it. Heres the proof: . The logs i get have no information about the problem...
  4. M

    My voice on OBS is muffled and has static

    I use a headset mic when I stream and I've had complaints that my voice is muffled and there is a lot of static. I've tried lots of stuff I found online but noting world. If someone knows a solution it would be great. My log: I have a recording...
  5. D


    Hello, I’m a DJ/streamer on Twitch and I am getting these nasty static pops/clicks when streaming. I use a Focusrite Scarlette 2i2 audio interface; however, the pops and clicks have continued even after unplugging the audio interface midstream. I don’t hear these pops and clicks through my...
  6. R

    application Audio Output Capture: static/corrupt sound

    Recently we got an update for the app audio output capture which is fantastic- but for some reason my audio for games or browser music [youtube] will sound awful. As if the music is semi-corrupt or scratchy. Sometimes it fixes itself when I completely remove the source and add a new source...
  7. C

    Problemas con Juegos con sombras altas o estatica al momento de hacer stream - Problems with Games with high shadows or static when streaming

    Últimamente tengo un problema con OBS al momento de stremear me han dado cierto errores con el video de salida que se muestra en stream, por ejemplo juegos como Little Nightmares o Phasmophobia se ven exageramente oscuros o con estatica en ellos, adjunto imagenes como ejemplo: --- Lately I have...
  8. A

    Blue Yeti Mic ONLY having bad static sound in OBS

    Hi! So I have a huge problem with my Blue Yeti Microphone on OBS. Every time I speak into it, I have a strong static sound (not background noise, literally just a horrible loud static sound whenever I speak that makes me sound kinda robotic). However, this literally only happens on OBS and not...
  9. M

    Buzzing noise when recording games.

    Hi, hope everyone is doing great. I've had this issue for a week or so, and I can't remember changing anything on the computer that might cause this. When I'm recording a game, I keep hearing a static/fuzz/buzzing noise and I can't seem to figure out why it might be. The noise is not constant...
  10. P

    Webcam causing popping/static noise in my headset

    Hello, I tried a lot of fixes found in previous posts but none worked for me so I'm making a thread myself. I recently got a webcam and added it to my scenes (that had no static noise issue before that) and ever since I hear a very annoying popping/static noise in my headset. The noise only...
  11. A

    Static sound when I speak into my mic

    I just bought a new USB mic to use in OBS, and I notice a slight static sound while I speak when I do local recordings. I have little knowledge of audio settings, but I messed around with the sample rate and made sure my mic was not set to a high dB. I have my mic set to a normal range/gain, but...
  12. W

    Question / Help DAW Streaming with Audio interface - OBS Crackles/static noise (not buffer size)

    I've been struggling with my apollo twin duo on windows (thunderbolt). Tried every piece of software to have my DAW and OBS communicate with each other (voice meter, all the common ones, etc.) . However the only way I can do it is messing with direct sound on my daw audio preferences. But then I...
  13. J

    Question / Help Static noise when connecting irig or mic to ipad phones input

    I have just installed OBS on my imac, I installed the ipad camera plugin and have the extra camera app installed and running on the ipad. Picture wise all good. My issue is audio, I have DDJ-1000 connected from booth to headphone input on ipad via an irig. As soon as I plug that in I have a...
  14. W

    Question / Help Static noise from local mp4 file when trying to stream a local media source

    Hi all, I'm running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. OBS version: 24.0.06 - latest as of now When trying to stream a local mp4 file, I'm only hearing static noise for audio. The file works fine when playing on the desktop and anywhere else. Can't find any solutions
  15. H

    Question / Help Static in background

    I am using OBS 24.0.1 and a Logitech G430 headset, and I am recording(not streaming). My recordings and even in OBS, there is a loud static, almost as loud as my voice. I don't think it is the mic, as even when I press mute physically on the cable, the static still occurs. However it is gone as...
  16. M

    Question / Help Crazy Buzz/Robot Voice During Stream

    Hi all, New(ish) livestreamer here. I stream my live music performances via my UAD Apollo Twin > Pro Tools (DAW) > Soundflower > OBS > YouTube. Randomly throughout my livestream, the audio being outputted to the stream starts glitching out. It sounds like a terrible buzzing over any audio that...