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Hi all,

New(ish) livestreamer here. I stream my live music performances via my UAD Apollo Twin > Pro Tools (DAW) > Soundflower > OBS > YouTube. Randomly throughout my livestream, the audio being outputted to the stream starts glitching out. It sounds like a terrible buzzing over any audio that comes through and it ruins the performance. I am completely certain all of the audio being routed out of Pro Tools is 100% clean (I use this set up for professional recording and I never had this kind of issue. All cables are clean, have proper grounding, and everything is securely plugged in. Also, I monitor through Pro Tools as I stream and everything sounds crystal clear - in fact, I'm completely unaware of when the buzz happens since I am not monitoring the stream itself, and people have to notify me in chat that the buzz is there).

Here's an example of the buzz during a private livestream test: (start at 18:16).
And attached is the Log File from that livestream session.

Hope to get to the bottom of this!


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