AMD Encoder VERY bad/pixelated


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So I just switched from an old GTX 1060 to an RX 6600XT and the performance is exceptional. Trying to stream games with the AMD encoder on the other hand looks disgustingly bad. Now I know that ''apparently'' the AMD encoder is suppose to be worse then NVIDIAs but check the video I posted below. It cannot be THAT bad. I've tried all possible OBS settings and my encoding with the 1060 was miles ahead even if my performance dropped significantly before I changed my GFX card to the 6600XT. I unfortunately can't stream with the processor as I have an i5-11400f and I drop frames when streaming with it and as a competitive gamer I need to be at 165 frames at all times. The AMD streaming works really well but I have no idea why the image quality comes out so disgusting. I've checked other people testing streaming with my card and it is nowhere near as bad so I would appreciate some help.

Video and log file:



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Version 1
Settings - Output - Output Mode (advanced)
Encoder = AMD H.265
Rate Control = CBR
Bitrate 5500Kbps (or as much your gpu and memory can handle - check read/write rate of you ssd or use ram as gate
Preset Quality
Version 2
Settings - Output - Output Mode (simple)

Streaming video bitrate 5500 kbps
Audio bitrate 320
encoder hardware amd
encoder preset quallity

Recording quality High Quality, Mediuim File Size
encoder Hardware (amd)

AMD Adrenalin
Record & Stream
Video Bit Rate (MB/s) = 30MB/s
Audio Bit Rate 192 kb/s
Live Streaming
Video bit Rate min 3.5Mb/S (5.5 max) for twicht 1080p 60 fps
Audio bit Rate 128 kb/s