zoom + obs

  1. takuya.matsumoto

    Display capture distortion on OBS Studio

    このスレッドと同じ問題が発生しています。 https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/display-capture-distortion-on-obs-studio.139940/ OBS Studio側でどのような設定をすればよいのか知りたいです。 また、調査に必要なログがある場合はお知らせください。取得を行ってみましょう。
  2. R

    How can I broadcast my Protools 12.7 session while recording live into a Zoom meeting with OBS 20.1 on my macOS Sierra 10.12?

    I am trying to find a way to livestream my Protools session while performing live (vocals and violin) through Protools (to a track) in a Zoom Meeting. OBS was suggested twice, but I am still on Sierra 10.12 (so I can continue to use my Protools 12.7 software). I am using the Apollo Twin...
  3. B

    OBS Virtual Camera causing Zoom Performance Issues

    Hello, While using OBS 30.0.2 in conjunction with Zoom 5.17.15, turning on or off my camera causes Zoom to freeze and, sometimes, crash. I tried downgrading, here are the combinations I've tried: OBS 29.1.3 with Zoom 5.17.15, 5.17.10, and 5.16.10 OBS 30.0.2 with Zoom 5.17.15, 5.17.10, and...
  4. JBJB1029

    I have 2 Problems while I'm Recording in Different Programs

    I'm having 2 Problems while I'm Recording in Different Programs: So do you have a Solution OR 2 to Fix these Problems that I'm having with OBS right now?
  5. Spinball

    How to switch Zoom view and active sources simultaneously (on Windows)

    This method on Windows 10. I can't say whether it works on any other operating systems. We stream using Zoom by capturing the Zoom window and positioning it within our layout and have historically used Zoom's Gallery View. However, I want to occasionally focus more on the speaker and use...
  6. E

    How to connect JACK input Client to f.e Zoom

    I am getting the Micro into the JACK input Client, but not to Zoom. What do I have to connect? Configuration see pictures:
  7. L

    Zoom to OBS to YouTube Live

    Hi there, I'm setting up a livestream that has to use a zoom feed. We're streaming the view of the zoom meeting with the audio setup as an audio input. The audio from the zoom call sounds normal coming out of the mac speakers, but when it gets to the stream it sounds horribly overprocessed...
  8. salamanders

    Possible to control webcam zoom?

    I found out today about cropping and scaling (using the alt key) which is awesome! Is there a way to control a camera's zoom before it gets to OBS? I think the 2nd hand webcam I'm using has fancy zoom, but I'm not sure if OBS is just doing crop-and-scale.
  9. D

    PC Recommendations Zoom + OBS Streaming

    Currently I have an i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz Laptop that I run Zoom on however I am unable to then push the stream out with OBS to Facebook and LInkedin without using a 2nd laptop. Neither laptop have a Dedicated GPU. This is not for gaming but for webinars. Which GPU and CPU would you...