How can I broadcast my Protools 12.7 session while recording live into a Zoom meeting with OBS 20.1 on my macOS Sierra 10.12?

Rose Bartu

New Member
I am trying to find a way to livestream my Protools session while performing live (vocals and violin) through Protools (to a track) in a Zoom Meeting. OBS was suggested twice, but I am still on Sierra 10.12 (so I can continue to use my Protools 12.7 software). I am using the Apollo Twin interface for the microphone. I can't figure out how to capture my Protools session sound in OBS and then send the stream to Zoom. in OBS 20.1 Zoom is not listed as a streaming service. And the latest version can not be used with my macOS Sierra 10.12. Can someone help please?
Thank you!!!