webcam not showing

  1. B

    Webcam not showing in OBS only

    So, I have the damndest issue right now. I have a Razer Kiyo Pro that I've been using with no issue until now. In OBS, my webcam shows as "USB Device" and when it's supposed to be "active", it turns on the webcam (indicated by a light on the front of said webcam) but nothing actually displays...
  2. B

    OBS and Multiple Webcams Issue

    I never had an issues with my webcams capture into my scenes, but yesterday only one(at most) would display. Moving to different scene collections results were different. Running latest OBS 28.03 Checking the camera app both camera are stable and functional. I have tried: Restarting OBS...
  3. btt1

    does not recognize the camera when turning on the computer (after deleting the obs)

    I downloaded the obs because I wasn't able to zoom in on my webcam. I watched tutorials because I wanted to make video calls and downloaded a virtual cam. After installing, I saw that it did not solve my problem and I uninstalled the obs. Every time I entered a video call platform (meet) an obs...
  4. T


    Is there any way I can actually use a 2nd webcam source, using the same webcam just with different filters? For example 1st webcam source for other scenes like game/display capture with crop/pad filter, and 2nd webcam source for cam scene without crop/pad filter I can't really use the same...
  5. A

    My webcam recognized like USB-device

    I purchase Razer Kiyo, but OBS see this cam like "USB-device". Other people in window "Device" has a name of this cam. I mean, they can change "Razer Kiyo". In my case only "USB-deivice". I install last drivers from official site Razer, but that doesn't help. Reinstalling Windows 10 doesn't...
  6. V

    OBS no muestra mi webcam

    Hola, tengo un problema con la webcam, hace poco me compre una nueva webcam, la conecto, me meto en obs y se muestra una pantalla en negro, pero en la cámara de windows si, mi webcam es Spedal Webcam con Microfono para PC Cámara Web Full HD 1080p Webcam Autofocus
  7. F

    Webcam (C922) Working every other Session

    This feels pretty strange and the workaround is apparent so I assume I'm missing something simple. When I launch OBS as admin or not the my webcam source is blank every other time. I have tried multiple settings in LGHUB, hoping that was the issue, but running or no...I still have to try twice...
  8. V

    Newbie with webcam issues

    Hello guys I'm new here. I'm tring to connect an external webcam for twitch. In the program layout it does not appear the source box to select the webcam. (sorry for my broken english I'm italian)
  9. V

    OBS won't open Sony A6000?

    I just purchased a Sony a6000 camera to use as a webcam and I cannot get it to show up on OBS. The CamLink source shows up, and I can choose all my settings, but the preview will not appear. Very confused with this because it works in other apps (i.e. discord, camera). I found an old thread with...
  10. J


    Buenas, les comento y espero que me ayuden a Solucionar El problema, desde los Muchas gracias.- Tengo un hub usb 3.0 al cual le conecto 3 web cam, dentro de OBS en la captura de escena me muestra imagen de las 3 web para seleccionar alguna, el problema es cuando quiero agregar en la misma u...
  11. T

    Webcam cannot be chosen in OBS

    I got a webcam for Christmas and I am now trying to get it working in OBS, its on and the computer can detect the camera, but OBS does not. I've had a similar issue with my old webcam (can't swap to it as it died) and I have no idea how it was fixed, anyone know how to fix this? Oh and google...
  12. instrogamer121

    My webcam is easily accessed by every software but OBS is showing a grew filter with a crossed out camera

    Hi, recently I got OBS on my Windows 10 enterprise laptop (which I use for school), I wanted to use my webcam, but OBS is showing a grey filter with a crossed-out camera, does anyone knows how to fix it, I will have the pictures on what I mean... P.S. I don't have any keys to turn on or off the...