voicemeeter banana

  1. Z

    Question / Help OBS Voicemeeter Banana Issue

    Hello there, new to the forums. I came on here hoping to fix a problem that has been occurring with OBS and Voicemeeter Banana. So after installing the Virtual Audio Cable and Voicemeeter Banana, I set everything up on OBS to separate my discord audio in its own track for local recording when I...
  2. A

    Question / Help voicemeeter banana recording problem

    I try to record some drum covers with voicemeeter and after I record it I can only hear the recording in voicemeeter and if I open the wav file on my pc with any program I can't hear anything ill appreciate if someone could help thanks
  3. S

    Question / Help OBS/V'meeter Banana/Spotify/Youtube - audio crackles NOT fixed by lower w/cam res. HELP!!!!

    Hello, you lovely lot! I'm so close to being able to stream properly but, of course, I have a last minute audio hitch - it crackles. And it drives me crazy. OK, let me provide some context... I'm using OBS alongside Voicemeeter Banana so I can have all my audio channels separated. I also am...
  4. R

    Question / Help OBS + UMC ASIO + VoiceMeeter Banana = no input?

    Hi. I tried setting up OBS with Banana to route my DAW sound through ASIO driver but there's no input detected in Win10 recording device. I can hear the sound from my DAW in my speakers. I connected everything correctly and yet OBS doesn't hear the sound. Why? I routed the sound to AUX in Banana...
  5. TheFieryFoxGamer

    Question / Help Obs not recording voice or game sound and droping low frames while recording

    I have been having a lot of troubles with obs. Been having these troubles since l got voice meeter banana. I have created 3 separate tracks one of them is voice meeter input(for the games audio) another is VoiceMeeter aux input for discord and my mic. The bars in obs are moving when l play a...