Question / Help Obs not recording voice or game sound and droping low frames while recording


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I have been having a lot of troubles with obs. Been having these troubles since l got voice meeter banana.
I have created 3 separate tracks one of them is voice meeter input(for the games audio) another is VoiceMeeter aux input for discord and my mic. The bars in obs are moving when l play a game or talk in my mic but just aren't recording

Therese are my problems I'm having
1. Instead of my discord voice going into voicemeeter aux imput, it goes through voicemeeter input
2. It's not recording my voice or discords voice or the games sound
3. I have got an i7 4770k which is a pretty good CPU but l don't know why its dropping frames in game and the quality looks terrible.

I will also have screenshots of my settings to help


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Try changing your sample rate in OBS settings to 44.1kHz to match your sample rate from Voicemeeter.

Your output quality is due to your CRF value being at 30, try 15-21 instead.

As for dropping frames, there is nothing in your OBS logfile to suggest you are suffering from frame drop in the recording output. Do you mean in-game fps?


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I changed my settings to 44.1khz and discord is still going through desktop audio. But l fixed the lag problem by changing the bitrate control to CBR 30000 and doesn't it effect my mic since its 48khz
Using CBR is not at all optimal and will perform worse for quality unless you are streaming, you should use CRF with a rate factor of 15-23 for recordings.

For your audio issues, I would say it is a configuration issue between your system audio, discord audio and obs studio audio setup. Looking at the 3rd .png capture you uploaded in your first post, I would say most likely found in Voicemeeter audio configuration lies the issue (You have both your desktop and discord output set to the same channel)

I have not used Voicemeeter for a very very long time, so I decided to download it to assist in troubleshooting.

Below is a link from YouTube for a VoiceMeeter setup tutorial:
Below is a link from YouTube for a VB Virtual Audio Cable setup tutorial:
Note: If you do not receive an option in Discord to change to Cable Output, you need to change your Windows Audio Properties --> Recording Tab to Cable Output.

Hopefully the above YouTube tutorials assist you in sorting out the issue, if not please post back and will go from there!
So after configuring VoiceMeeter, my system audio properties, Discord and OBS I got audio to be output by a game, Discord and my mic (Generic, very cheap) to VoiceMeeter, then managed to route it to OBS for output.

In OBS I had to use a Gain filter for desktop audio to increase the recording volume, the gain filter was +12.50 which is very high, though it never induced clipping or distortion in the recorded samples.

I n OBS I also tested adding gain and suppression filters to mic input though I did not have an issue with the volume of the mic, it induced clipping and distortion at whatever positive gain I set it to.

Attached are some screens of my configuration:
OBS Studio Audio Settings.PNG VoiceMeeter Banana GUI.PNG


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I don't get it! l did what you told me and copped what the videos did and l still can't hear any audio in my recording? hears some screen shots. Do you want me to upload the video that l recorded?


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I don't think voicemeeter is the problem or my settings. I set my default audio device to to my headphones and changed my obs audio settings to record my headphones and mic and still it didn't work
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Sorry for the late reply, time of year can be bad sometimes and I believe I missed your reply...

I don't really know what else to suggest, I had no issue in setting up VoiceMeeter and your settings look fine for both OBS and VoiceMeeter, as well as system audio properties.
I did have an issue when playing recorded test footage in VLC media player where there was no audio playback, so perhaps it is your video playback software that has to be re-configured? Is it the same for an uploaded video?


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Wow that was the problem this whole time.... Windows media player just didn't show any audio. I just put it into soney vegus pro 14 and l hear my audio my mic and audio from overwatch. Thank you so much xD BornDownunder