1. H

    Adding more audio tracks to Decklink and NDI output

    Hi, I might be missing something, but it seems like neither the built in Decklink output or NDI plugin support more audio tracks than 1 for outputs. I work in the broadcast business and am planning on using OBS more but with my current setup we routinely send and receive videos from other...
  2. H

    Control Scene Transitions audio to certain tracks?

    Hi everyone, I currently have a set up that uses scene transitions with audio. Is it possible to change which audio track to use (let's say, only to audio tracks 1 and 4), much like what you can do within the advanced audio properties for different sources that have audio?
  3. A

    Cannot separate audio tracks on Streaming PC

    Good afternoon! I had purchased a GoXLR mini and had it setup up for my dual PC streaming. The setup is: LINE IN of GoXLR into LINE OUT of gaming PC. Then, Line OUT of GoXLR into LINE IN of my streaming PC. So, everything is set up correctly, according to the instructions and the dozens of...
  4. Livvydoodlez

    OBS auto-renables an audio track I disabled.

    So for some reason, every time I press "Start Stream", I have audio track 2 on my "AUX" Sound source get re-enabled. I want this disabled, because this mutes audio for my vod. I dont want this sound source playing in my vod at all, and I can manually go in and disable it again, and it will work...
  5. B

    Select audio tracks have stopped recording with out any indication of why

    So, I have used OBS for months now. It has worked great until today. I had stopped a recording to walk away. (not paused, Stopped) I came back after a short while and started recording again but, 2 of my 3 tracks aren't recording now. 1. yes, the advanced settings are set to three different...
  6. T

    Source/Track 2 is out of Synch

    So i have had this problem for a week now. When using multiple tracks, track 2 and on are always out of synch. I completely uninstalled OBS with settings and I still ran into the problem. You can see it below with how it shows up on Premiere Pro
  7. C

    Question / Help Obs not recording multiple audio tracks.

    Obs not recording multiple audio tracks. I record in .mkv with 3 audio tracks enabled. I have 2 of the same audio outputs in my audio mixer for some reason not sure if that's the problem. The 2 outputs in the mixer are the same output, the output is my microphone. So I set desktop audio to...
  8. T

    Question / Help Dual Audio Tracks Work in VLC, but Only One Shows Up In Sony Vegas 15

    So the problem is just as the title suggest, I set OBS to record two audio tracks one for my mic and one for game sound. In VLC I can switch from track 2 to track 3 and hear my game audio on track 2 and my mic on track 3. When I import it to Sony Vegas Pro 15 only one audio track shows and...
  9. M

    Question / Help No Desktop Audio Being Streamed?

    Hi there everyone, I have an ongoing issue with OBS where I am unable to stream Desktop Audio even though it is detected in the OBS program itself. I have my microphone connected which works and streams fine, however the desktop audio is never picked up. I have attached some screenshots of my...
  10. Hequin

    Question / Help Indistinguishable Quality with multiple audio tracks

    Im trying to locally record Rainbow 6 Siege with indistinguishable quality with multiple audio tracks. Im basically trying to figure out what settings to do in advance to get around the same framerate that I get with indist.. so I can use multiple audio tracks. Specs: Ryzen 5 1500x 8gb DDR4...
  11. D

    Question / Help Mic audio clicking while talking in game

    Hello there! I am using OBS to record localy (multiple audio tracks) and it seems that I have an issue with the mic audio only when I have a game open. While not in a game you can here on the example that my mic is working fine, but when I open up the game, it starts ticking while I speak. Here...
  12. L

    Question / Help Seperate YouTube music from recording?

    Hello everyone, first off, English isn't my first language so forgive me any mistakes :) Alright, so my problem is that I really enjoy listening music on YouTube while doing basically anything. Now, when I start recording, the audio from YouTube is obviously linked to the desktop audio. (In my...
  13. A

    Question / Help OBS doubles dekstop audio

    Ok so i've used OBS for quite some time I love it. However I just got a new PC and i'm having some trouble as to recording audio. I've never had this issue before and haven't found anything online so hopefully someone can fix this. My desktop audio has two tracks in one. All my output sources...