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Hello there! I am using OBS to record localy (multiple audio tracks) and it seems that I have an issue with the mic audio only when I have a game open.
While not in a game you can here on the example that my mic is working fine, but when I open up the game, it starts ticking while I speak.
Here is the video test:
And I also attach all my settings:

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Audio pops and clicks are caused by buffer underruns, basically the sound buffer cannot be filled fast enough due to increased load on the system causing an audible pop or click when it runs out. Very common with USB devices and real-time audio, especially if you have a lot them on one bus.

It can happen for a number of reasons, only a few of them you can control.

Sample rate mismatch between devices and software (48 kHz vs 44.1 kHz)
Buffer Size on Audio interfaces (not applicable to your setup)
Too much stuff enabled running over the same USB hub, disable audio devices you don't use like the Mic on your Webcam and the Mic on your headset to reduce how much data is being sent.

Reduce polling rate on mouse and keyboard. (sounds crazy but the goal is to reduce data over USB.)
Changing sample rate to 44.1 kHz on all devices and software (only if necessary)