Adding more audio tracks to Decklink and NDI output


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Hi, I might be missing something, but it seems like neither the built in Decklink output or NDI plugin support more audio tracks than 1 for outputs. I work in the broadcast business and am planning on using OBS more but with my current setup we routinely send and receive videos from other broadcasters with several tracks. Usually it is one track (2 channels, left/right) for mixed program and then another track without commentators, sometimes also a third track that has producers intercom, etc. on it.

I guess there are ffmpeg ways to send out the extra tracks needed, but would be nice to not have to deal with ffmpeg, especially since the "track selection" is already there in the program and works well for "recording" (so in my non-programming head it should be simple to just pipe it to the Decklink/NDI), and would also be nice since NDI isn't really supported on ffmpeg anymore. I also rather use the "recording" feature for making recordings instead of "Output to URL".

There are ways I guess of splitting the audio and combining later on in the chain, but that opens up room for de-sync and other issues.

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In the case of Decklink, the module is hard-coded to 2-channels of audio regardless of the fact that Decklink can process 16-channels of audio.
(see )

There are forks of OBS (specifically OBS Music Edition) that have 16-channel audio capability. And the stock OBS has already has 6 "tracks" of audio available but only one can go to Decklink.

I would LOVE to be able to output 8 (or 16) channels of audio to Decklink....