1. M

    Question / Help Please help me pick the best encoder and settings.

    Hi guys, i want to get into streaming again but a lot has changed both in OBS and my setup since i did it last time and i just can't figure out the best settings for me. I've got a 4790k with a gtx 970, so i can stream using quicksync, nvenc or just software x264 encoding. My target bitrate is...
  2. J

    Question / Help Need help x264 and QuickSync

    Should I be using QuickSync as it nearly hits performance in-game or should I be still using x264? I have been searching around and I think I haven't found the answer yet. And I need another pair of eyes to give thoughts on both encoders Specs i9-9900K GTX 970 16GB 2666MHz Settings will be...
  3. D

    Question / Help Quicksync settings

    Hi, so I want to record a video in OBS with quicksync encoder. What setting should I use for the maximum quality that I can achieve?
  4. S

    Question / Help Quicksync and GPU encoding super laggy

    1. I have an AMD rx 580 graphics card, and it records very laggy videos even at 480 p. I can use relive perfectly fine, but I need the OBS audio settings and stream overlays and such. Why is relive so much smoother than OBS and not cause as much of a performance drop? Are there solutions to make...
  5. M

    Question / Help Lag/Stutter on output using QuickSync

    Hello, ive been using OBS for a while now, just to record since i dont stream. I didnt have a graphics card, so ive always used x264 since my iGPU was running the games. However i now have a graphics card and according to everyone in the web QuickSync is some sort of magical thing that lets you...
  6. Ducu

    Question / Help OBStudio Crash QuickSync H.264

    OBS Studio crashes whenever I want to do Livestream or give a Record on QuickSync H.264 I want to say that I gave BIOS to Integrated Graphics and I have the last driver installed This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpGGlrwsdqM Logs: https://obsproject.com/logs/jopMq68RQCRJqS0l
  7. M

    Bug Report QSV(QuickSync) encoder issue when using a different main monitor

    There is not really much of an log but I will still add one [/SPOILER] Hey all, so I reinstalled my Windows 10 and set everything up the way I would like it. While setting up OBS (more for recording purposes than streaming) I ran into an issue that many people seem to have had in the past...
  8. T

    Question / Help Streaming PC Performance Expectation

    Here's my current setup for reference. My Gaming PC: -Asus Z170-A -Intel i7-7700K (5Ghz OC) -Crucial 16GB DDR4 2133 (2x8GB) -Samsung 950PRO 512GB NVME (OS) -Samsung 840EVO 500GB SATA (Games) -ASUS Strix GTX970 (Shadow Play running to capture for highlights) -EVGA 600B PSU Running OBS to output...
  9. F

    Question / Help Improving quality of quicksync stream...

    Currently I have it on about 3000 bitrate but it still looks pixellated. I understand that quicksync isn't normally high quality but it's just so blurry right now and I can't stand it. Here's a log: https://pastebin.com/cvvCppgU Thanks!
  10. F

    Question / Help Quicksync Choppy Stream, but no dropped frames... (TRIED EVERYTHING!)

    So I'm trying to stream A Hat in Time, and basically, it isn't working at all! I'm using Quicksync too, because x264 doesn't work for me at all (LAAAAG!) I've enabled vsync in game,capped fps, changed the resolution in game and OBS, etc. I'm getting no dropped frames too, which is strange. I'll...
  11. F

    Question / Help Quicksync gives me choppy output...

    So I'm trying to stream A Hat in Time with Quicksync, but the stream is always choppy... I thought that quicksync was supposed to eliminate this, but I guess not. I can't get a log or settings right now, but if anyone can help me out until I'm able to, that'd be great!
  12. F

    Question / Help Quicksync stream is EXTREMELY choppy!

    So, I've recently discovered that I can use Quicksync for streaming, as I don't have NVENC, and as far as I can tell, it works perfectly! However, when I want to record, what would be better to use? I don't have the best CPU, as putting anything above superfast in x264 lags my stream (but I was...
  13. A

    Question / Help After Updating (21.1.0 > 22.0.2), QuickSync no longer an option

    Hi, I hadn't streamed in awhile and didn't realize OBS Studio didn't auto update, so I manually downloaded the installer and overwrote the installed files. Opened OBS64 and noticed in the settings output tab I only have x264 and NVENC, no more QSV? It worked fine on 21.1.0 and I have a Skylake...
  14. DuderDudeZ

    Question / Help quicksync/nvenc issue

    hello,I have a lenovo ideapad laptop 100-15IBD It has an i3-5005U that supports quicksync intel 5500 graphics integrated gpu nvidia 920m gpu 4gb ram -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can't find any option to enable IGPU or Multi Monitor in Bios and idk...